GREENPEACE: Raising Awareness

Greenpeace is trying to make the issue of Global Warming as visible as possible and last month it launched it’s Earth-shaped hot air balloon as part of the International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico. The balloon has the two simple messages written across it . . . Stop Global Warming and Save the Climate. Short and precise. What’s not to understand?

They are trying to choose a name for the balloon and they want us to vote for our favourite three from a choice of ten names. You can take part here but here is a preview of the ten names:

The A.E. Bates – A Korean War veteran who volunteered 25,000 hours to Greenpeace in his retirement. He passed away earlier this year. (We’d call it Bates for short).
Amchitka –Amchitka island, Alaska, was the destination of Greenpeace’s first mission, in 1971. Our aim was to stop nuclear testing.
Aurora – Roman goddess of the dawn.
The Blue Marble – The name given to the first high-resolution image taken of the Earth by astronauts from space in 1972. Considered by many to represent the fragility of our planet.
Big Momma – A relaxed reference to Mother Earth.
Eartha – Ma Earth by another name.
Horizon – The line that separates earth and sky; also represents anticipation of things to come.
Mercury – Messenger of the gods (Roman mythology), and a reference to rising temperatures.
Odyssey – An epic journey.
One World – We only have one, better start acting that way.
Sentinel – A watchkeeper; one who keeps guard.
Serenity – State of tranquility.
Solar Wind – Stream of charged particles billowing away from the Sun. Both words are clean energy solutions.
Zephyr – Greek god of the west wind; a gentle breeze.

If you’re interested, I voted for Horizon, The Blue Marble and The A.E. Bates.

I chose Horizon simply because of what it means and I chose The Blue Marble because the fragility of the Earth is something that should never be far from our hearts and minds.

And lastly, I chose The A.E. Bates because I remember being so impressed and inspired to learn about the dear Mr. Bates and his dedicated commitment to helping our planet. He died earlier this year and my heart went out to him. He logged 25,000 hours of vounteer work with Greenpeace. Imagine that – 25,000 hours devoted to helping our planet!  He wasn’t a high-profile player. He didn’t seek recognition or glory. He just worked selflessly behind the scenes. And there are many more “unsung heroes” without whom the world would be a much grimmer place.

So here’s to all those who work quietly and arduously behind the scenes caring for our world and its inhabitants.


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