US Elections: the final week (thank goodness!)

Well, very soon the world will be rid of George Bush. Can you believe it? There’s already a movie been made of his Presidency – an Oliver Stone film no less. Really, who would want to watch a movie of his Presidency before he’s even left office? I’m not sure I’d even want to see a movie about him in fifteen years unless it’s to serve as a global public security warning for our children!

Anyway, he will soon be gone and you’d think that would be a comfort to many. I mean there’s a lot to be said for the Anybody but Bush camp but unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. We have the remote but real possibility of a McCain/Palin team in the White house and I firmly believe that would be a disaster for America and the world.

American conservatives are clearly desperate because Avaaz brings us news of their last-ditch dirty tricks campaign and they are, as we speak, distributing misleading leaflets, online videos and fliers which link Obama with terrorism. They are once again trying to win by deception by injecting fear into the voters and inciting hatred against Muslims.

Ok, there is only a week to go and Obama is leading in the polls, but we all know the cliché – a week is a very long time in politics and to paraphrase those good guys at Avaaz: when fear, race and terrorism are combined and thrown in at the last minute and when people are told their securities are threatened, who knows how far the American people will sway over?

Avaaz have a message for the Presidential candidates and the American voters:

To the American Presidential candidates and people:

We share the aspiration of the American people for a better, fairer world. We also see the disastrous effects of President Bush’s foreign policies on climate change, human rights and international diplomacy. This election, we appeal to you for a fundamental change of course, to help the US and the world to come together and work for change.

For all of us


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  1. We who exchange news in the Internet are very much responsible for having found out George W. Bush and his retinue, together with others who have always remained all the time hidden behind thick walls in their fortresses.

    For you to see how the crisis has affected them, I have just learnt that Goldman Sachs is bidding to buy Gatwick Airport in Britain.


  2. Hi Earthpal, We can’t give up now. This election is too important – for the US and the world.


  3. Thanks for the info Jose.

    Hi Helen, you’re right. And I know America will do the right thing.


  4. I am keeping my fingers(and toes) crossed… It scares me cause I lost faith in the american voters when they voted him for the second term. But theres the philosophical side of me that goes “que sera sera”.


  5. Yes I lost faith in them too Mysoul. But there are good and wise Americans like Helen who will not give up so it’s looking hopeful.


  6. Yay!!! My faith in Human beings especially the American voters just returned. (Uncrossing my fingers and toes and breathing a sigh of relief, glad for ridding the war-mongers).


  7. I know!! Me too Mysoul. This is great news to wake up to. Now there’s hope, real hope.


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