Well the pumpkins are carved, the candles are lit and the goodies are in a huge bowl on the telephone table awaiting the little ghouls and goblins. Only there aren’t any ghouls and goblins. It appears that they are sooo five years ago. No, it’s all very alternative now you know. I’ve had dead soldiers, demonic angels and even High School Musical Zombies at my door tonight. My dancing queen daughter is out trick-or-treating dressed as a Dead Dancer and my eldest is going to a party wearing a very short military-style dress with lots of blood spilled over it. I’ll have you know, I spent over three hours altering said dress to make it perfect for her and what does she do? She goes and splashes fake blood all over it. Ho hum, such are the sacrifices of motherhood.

Anyway, as the main giver-out-of-treats, I’m stuck in the house. But, grounded or not, I wanted to get with the moment and dress up too. And ‘my Big Idea’ was to dress up as Sarah Palin. Yes, according to my very reliable invisible sources, adorable Sarah is the new Scream this year. And the best part is, she would be easy for me to do. I already have the glasses and the dark hair. And her bouffant hairstyle is totally doable for me because I used to wear my hair like that in the nineties (yeah, she’s so last century). All I need is a few thousand dollars for the outfit.

But, you know how things are, apart from not having a few thousand dollars, I’ve been so busy carving pumpkins and helping the girls get ready that I just haven’t had the time to dress myself down up down. But its amazing what a quick back-comb of the hair, a smudging of brown shadow under the eyes and a pair of fake rotting teeth can do. Finish off with a manic tearing and shredding of old clothes and violà! I am totally transformed into a glam-zombie. Hey boys . . . . 😉

And finally, don’t let the scary prospect of dirty and dangerous energy spook you this Hallowe’en. Send a Trick-or-Treat message to Congress by telling them to choose clean renewable energy over the dark powers of coal and nuclear. Just click the pic.

Happy Hallowe’en folks.


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  1. Happy Halloween, Earthpal.


  2. Thanks Helen. I hope you had a fun time. I love your little ghost poem.


  3. All of a sudden the consumerism society has given birth Halloween here. It started last year and apparently goes on with good health.

    In Catholic Spain the 1st of November (day of all Saints) has always been the day when people honour their dead, the price of flowers rising to unsuspected heights as the demand for adorning graves increases, but Halloween – yes with the English name that as we know means the eve of all saints – Halloween I never even thought was going to become part of our tradition, because from now on it will be tradition here for the sake of more business and more waste of money. And above all for the sake of more entertainment for the people, something that may take worries off their minds.

    I am against the cult of dead. My loved ones will always be present in my memory while it works.


  4. Hi EP

    Just back from a week in Suffolk; cottage surrounded by the peaceful landscape of rural life.

    Was at my local last night where well over a 100 dressed up folk were partaking in a Halloween party. They did look fantastic and many had blood splattered all over the place. So Thriller!


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