As tradition has it, today sees the start of the hunting season . . fox hunting specifically. Hunting with hounds is forbidden under UK law but for some hunts, it’s been pretty much business as usual. They’ve either used the loopholes to continue their blood-sport or they’ve simply broken the law.

Well the fox-hunting season gets under way today but regardless of the ban, this year’s cub hunting started three months ago. The hunters affectionately refer to it as ‘cubbing’ or ‘Autumn hunting’ whereupon thousands of young fox cubs are hunted by young hounds and killed. It’s done mostly in the early morning when scents are fresh (and less people are around to witness), it’s purpose being to train the hounds and help them develop a taste for blood.

Cub-hunting is particularly barbaric. Dogs don’t instinctively kill foxes. It’s a learned behaviour. The young dogs are taken to a fox habitat and are let loose with the older, experienced dogs while the hunters block all the escape routes . . . and the dogs rip in.

So, those-that-are-above-the-law are still merrily galloping over British countryside, tormenting our wildlife and intimidating the poor countryfolks while the police and officials pretend that no laws are being violated. It’s not the mounted thugs who are harassed and arrested by the police for breaking laws, it’s the hunt saboteurs. If anything, the police officers make it easier for the hunt to continue, illegally or not.

Basically, the hunting ban is all but meaningless. It was done to appease the majority of the British public while back room silent assurances were made that the law wouldn’t ever really be enforced.

More info and what you can do to ensure the law is upheld here.


3 responses to this post.

  1. It is disgusting. Another human cruelty on the show.


  2. Posted by Angela on November 13, 2008 at 1:37 am

    What’s disgusting is the amount of misinformation that exists about foxhunting.

    I’ve been hunting in England (before the ban) and I can assure you none of that information is even close to the truth.

    This “ban” has nothing to do with animal welfare and a lot to do with the class warfare that has simmered for a very long time.

    Since the passage of the Right to Roam, people can now just traipse all over private land, except for around a person’s house. However, that has not prevented widespread destruction of formerly pristine habitat, damage to crops, gates and fences, and hordes of peeping toms pooping in the rosebushes.

    I guess the average subject thinks he’s gotten back at the toffs by banning hunting and getting the much longed for Right to Roam, and the ends justifies the means.

    Of course, since the poor fox are suffering horribly now that hunting is “banned”, (a form of hunting that is highly selective and humane) I have to wonder why one would even attempt to assert that the ban was motivated by animal welfare concerns.

    It’s nothing but lies and politics. Peddle it elsewhere – I’m tired of reading it.


  3. “Peddle it elsewhere”

    Erm, this is my blog.

    I’m tired of reading it.

    Reading my blog isn’t compulsory.

    So it’s wrong that people can enjoy a ramble over the countryside but it’s ok for horses and hounds to trample over acres of fields and woodlands in pursuit of a defenceless creature?

    As for the rest of your argument, I’ve heard all that before too and the predictable class warfare accusation is weary and quite frankly, utter bollocks. I don’t care what background or class the hunters come from or how much wealth they have. I have wealth of my own but I don’t believe it gives me the right to kill for fun. Killing for fun is not a human right. No, it’s not about status. It’s about the savage and gratuitous cruelty that is involved – in the name of sport. And you can try to convince people that pre-ban fox hunting is humane. I’ll simply post some footage:

    Anyone who is capable of that is depraved.

    And to say that it is humane form of fox management, is staggeringly stupid.


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