That BNP member list thing

As tempting as it is to revel in the news that the BNP’s whole member list has been posted on the internet and as much as it’s easy to laugh at and mock the party, it’s actually not that funny.

Thinking it might not be a genuine list I was at first reluctant to pass comment but it seems that the party leader, the wonderfully embracing Mr. Nick Griffin, has confirmed on his hate web-site that the list is genuine and that some names have been wrongly added with malicious intent so of course now I can’t keep my mouth shut.

It’s no secret here that I detest the BNP and what it stands for but this seemingly vindictive act of treason has put many people in a precarious position. Crucially, people’s jobs are in jeopardy. Many people who have been ‘outed’ are forbidden from joining the BNP and could face dismissal. Among the members list are the names, addresses, emails and occupations of police officers, members of the armed forces, teachers and religious representatives and although I can’t deny my disdain for anyone wishing to become a member of such a far right extremist group that, let’s not deny it, has an evil single issue agenda, and although I can’t resist taking a long and close peep at the whole list, and although I really want to be mean-minded and spiteful and rejoice in their public exposure on account of their misguided desires to be a part of such a dreadful political party, those people do have the right to have their identities kept private.

That said, I am grossly uncomfortable, but not surprised, with the fact that police officers, teachers and religious ministers are included on that list. I find it hard to believe they can go about their duties without their beliefs affecting their attitude towards the citizens/school children that they are paid to tend to. For example, how can a teacher who believes in the ideology of the BNP, affectively teach a child of ethnic origin when that teacher feels that the child should not be there?

It’s being said that the person who breached securities and released such sensitive and confidential data is a member of the party’s leadership so this is a betrayed of the most vengeful kind but it’s also indicative of some serious in-party conflict so maybe it’s best if they just shut up shop, you know, cease business and all that . . . for the betterment of us all.


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  1. Posted by ders on November 19, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    There is a name of person on the list who stood as The Green Party’s parliamentary candidate in the 2001 election and the last general election in 2005. It now transpires that he is a member of the BNP. I think in the long run it will make the BNP stronger,when the far-left start acting up,as they will, the public will be more for the BNP than the far-left,the BNP are not looked on as in the same light as the NF and they are growing, if people like it or not.I think more good than bad will come from this,but bad stuff may happen. But it is wrong and the perpetrator could and should in my mind pay a heavy price,the young,the old and the females don’t need and should not get threats of violence from a coward down a phone,most of the men would be happy to go toe to toe with the great unwashed. Loss of jobs and ID fraud will be a problem and another reason the perp must pay. Whats done is done. The mainstream media will not report the violence etc from the left but the BNP website is very popular and no doubt every action will be broadcast. Anyway RedWhite&BluePeace.


  2. Posted by kevin on November 19, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    your an idoit! the far right have been using over the top and some times violent attacks on british people for no reason apart from race. every memeber of the bnp should be made public, and why if thier so patriotic and pro bitish why are they afraid to be know?


  3. Posted by Richard Andrew Jefferies on November 19, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Though I detest the BNP and their views, to not recognises and address underlying concerns, and correct misinformation that often creates these very concerns though unfounded, is also an issue. A true democracy allows them their view provided they debate without resort to violence or incitement to violence. That is true for all spectrums of opinions. However that they feel the need to protect the secrecy to and train members in using false names and to encrypt emails etc will always raise a concern that their public face is covering something much worse. Either all political party membership information is public information or none is allowed in the public domain. I can see arguments for both but fell that religious and political views are public views, we should not be embarrassed to express them and defend them. So in balance let the BNP listr bstand open and encourage all parties to makr memberdhip and doner lists public.


  4. Posted by ders on November 19, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Kevin, put your details on here,idiot.So 100% of people who vote for, or are a member of the BNP is guilty of violent attacks on other people? idiot. I will vote BNP at the first chance i get and i have never done the things you say i’m guilty of.Idiot. Not everything is about race,but to the left its an obsession.


  5. Hi Kevin, I disagree with you. I am opposed to the BNP but the UK is a democracy and the BNP is a legitimate political party. That member list should never have been exposed. It includes the names and addresses of children although I have to say, I don’t agree with political parties storing full details of children just because their parents are family members.

    But anyway, there is nothing to be gained by fighting political extremism with threats and intimidation. The members listed are now vulnerable to all kinds of attack. Threatening someone with violence just because they have an opposing political viewpoint is very wrong.

    Hi Ders, I reckon the mainstream media will report any violence against any of those listed members . . . and they should because violence is never justified and should be exposed. Shame on any anti-BNP’er who uses threats or aggression or even uses the list to cause trouble. It’s hypocritical and will do nothing to help their own cause. I accept that not all BNP members are fascists. I imagine that many, with a little help from the sensationalising right-wing press, genuinely (but misguidedly in my opinion) fear for the future of this country and so are unable to see the truth about what the BNP really stands for.

    Hi Richard, well said. I agree with much of what you say and you raise a good point in saying that the secrecy of an organisation is always going to cause speculation and create myths. I also agree that donors should be made public. But the thing about the member list of the BNP is that people of certain professions are forbidden to join the BNP and so have to do so secretly. And also, there are data protection laws to consider. But in any case, I don’t believe people should be outed like this. I don’t believe that naming and shaming in this way is good for democracy. Well, names I can accept but certainly not addresses and emails.


  6. Posted by ders on November 19, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    Hello earthpal,we don’t need to go over it again.


  7. Thank goodness Ders. I’m way too tired. Lol.

    Thanks for the Monty Python vid. It’s a classic and it always makes me laugh.


  8. Posted by Victoria on November 20, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Apparently, a teacher’s name was on there, who is currently working at my college. Oh, how I laughed.


  9. Hi Victoria.

    Well as I implied, if there’s any good that could come from this list being outed, it’s the fact that some people whose job involves representing or serving the public without prejudice or discrimination, will be exposed.


  10. Posted by ders on November 20, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    If they were serving the public without prejudice or discrimination before being exposed what does it prove?Should i never trust a muslim doctor again?


  11. Should I never trust a muslim doctor again?

    Not if s/he is a member of the BNP. 😉 Or a Muslim version.

    Fair point about them serving the public without prejudice before etc. but I’m still not comfortable in the knowldege that some who subscribe to BNP ideology can also be in positions of influence in our public services. How can we ever really know if and know how many BNP members in these jobs have abused their position to further their political agenda? I’m thinking police in particular but what about teachers who are in a position to influence our children towards their ideology? I don’t want that. And in any case, how can they stand there and teach ethnic/black kids effectively when they don’t even believe the kids have a right to be there?


  12. Posted by ders on November 21, 2008 at 10:23 am

    How would i know? There are loads of commie teachers pushing their views on kids,fact. anyway the attacks have started and when a child is hurt/killed the left can sit there proud.What is happening is bad but good for the party,i think i’ll join now.i can’t stand back and let these things happen,i can’t stand cowards and bullies,be it people or the State. With very little work and loads of time i know i could be useful.It’s the underdog for me everytime.


  13. Posted by ders on November 21, 2008 at 11:56 am

    Would you rather these people infuence our children?


  14. Ders, any kind of violence and intimidation is wrong no matter who is giving it and no matter who is on the recieving end.

    It’s a pity that some members of the BNP, not least the leadership, don’t think the same. Look at their history of violence. I can name some BNP candidates/councillors who been convicted for violent offences.

    It’s not like BNP members/candidates/leaders have never intimidated people who oppose them. Look at the BNP’s hushed up links with their chums at Redwatch – a vile neo-nazi organisation who has a hit list of their own which includes pictures of anti-nazi/anti-BNP activists, social-workers, members of socialist parties and trade unions and anyone else who campaigns for equality and tolerance. They have photographs and details of many people who they see as their enemy.

    It cuts both ways.


  15. I am averse to discussing the BNP or any other party of its ilk. I respect them provided they do respect the views democrats share which does not seem to be the case.

    What is an incontrovertible truth now is that that party has received a lot of propaganda recently with the publication of those lists.


  16. Posted by ders on November 21, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    Redwatch-a vile neo-nazi organisation? yes. The few BNP members i have met would say the same thing,the skinheads i’ve worked with in the past?no they would love it,the young lads losing work who will vote BNP? they would say whats a red,is it to do with ManU. I wonder how many far-left teachers will worry about their jobs?0. Some things cut both ways.


  17. Posted by ders on November 21, 2008 at 8:24 pm I tried this and ended up 2 squares across in the pink,on the line.


  18. Oh, my! Mugabe and Pol Pot LEFT-WING conservatives? In my book they are/were nothing more or less than Fascists. No left or right in them.

    As was Stalin who must have his due place alongside Hitler and other dictators of the same feather.

    The political mask with which they have veiled – or are veiling – their activities is a product of their imagination, or the hypocritical trait in human beings.


  19. It is very sad when we want to start telling people how to think – being a member of the BNP is not illegal, being racist is not illegal, being an idiot is not illegal.

    This whole witchhunt of the BNP just feeds their sad little argument that they are persecuted in their own land by the multicultural devil. The whole point of liberal democracy is that they are perfectly entitled to their views, and allowed to express them – you don’t have to agree.


  20. Exactly Zhisou.


  21. Ders, I can’t get onto the political compass website for some reason but I did it once and I was somewhere left of centre.

    Jose, well said.

    Zhiosu, yes absolutely.


  22. “For example, how can a teacher who believes in the ideology of the BNP, affectively teach a child of ethnic origin when that teacher feels that the child should not be there?”

    How can a teacher who believes in the ideology of the far-left, effectively teach a child of “bourgeois” or even “class enemy” origin when that teacher feels that the child and his parents should be in a prison camp?

    I am speaking of the teachers who still admire Stalin and even approve of his murderous methods and the broader far-left who in some way wish for a violent revolution in which they will impose their utopia on others by force.

    Such far-left and communist teachers are no doubt far more numerous than BNP teachers.

    And what of those Muslims who take literally commands in the Koran to fight and kill non-Muslims? Can they be trusted to teach non-Muslim children or treat non-Muslim patients?


  23. Ed, you’re stretching things a bit there.

    I would object to any teacher who is also a member of an extremist political party, who hates all of his students that are a different colour than him or herself and whose aims are to create an apartheid or a totalitarian/fascist state.

    I would object to any teacher who is also a member of a radical Islamic sect, who hates all of his students that are are a different religion than him or herself and whose aims are to create an oppressive theocratic regime.


  24. The point isn’t what people believe, it’s what people do – if those teachers are good teachers then who care what they privately believe. I am SO uncomfortable with this dictating what people believe angle.


  25. Zeddie, I’m not trying to dictate what people believe. I just don’t want them teaching my children if they don’t even believe my children have a right to be there. I don’t want someone who hates my children because their grandmother was Jewish to teach them. I don’t want someone who believes my children to be inferior and would treat them as a second-class citizen if they won power, to teach my children.

    That is regardless of their actual performance.


  26. If their opinions didn’t effect their performance and they were great teachers, then that’s what’s important. If we start to define what are, and what are not, acceptable things to think, it’s a dreadfully slippery slope.

    In reality, very strong extreme beliefs would likely infect the performance anyway – but it has to be clear, it’s the performance that’s the problem, not the belief.


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