White Poverty?

Before I get onto the main point of this post, I’d just like to make a point regarding the two former Green Party members who were included on the BNP members list. Some people have used this irrelevant little fact to try and smear the Green Party so, as a proud Green Party member myself, in response I’ll just quote the words of Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London:

“Let there be no doubt that the Green Party stands firmly against both racism and anti-Semitism. The Green Party has long fought for equality for all, supported the rights of migrant workers and spoken out against fascism and racism. People with those views are not welcome in the Green Party.”

Right, back to task. Since the BNP member list went live, the level of publicity the party has gained was beginning to look like an election campaign and a little thought popped into my head that maybe Nick Griffin engineered the whole thing but anyway, they have enjoyed a lot of free time in the spotlight and the only thing that can be gained from all this publicity is . . . well, publicity. That and causing people to react hastily, some even going as far as to intimidate people whose names are included on the list. To repeat myself, in the same way that I didn’t condone the outing of all those members, I also don’t condone any violence or intimidation of said members, even when (sigh) those members have used intimidation themselves against opponent of the BNP and other fascist groups. And in any case, it can only result in a bunch of smug martyrs who will exploit their victim status to promote their ideology. So it’s probably better to ignore the whole thing.

However, it has opened the debate again about the so-called white working-class plight. It’s being said by many, not least the BNP, that the White working class voters are being ignored. The right-wing media makes this claim on a daily basis and even some Labour politicians are joining in , saying that disaffected voters are turning to the BNP because they feel that they are being ignored by the mainstream parties.

Anyway, I’d like to ask, are the white, working classes really being ignored or has the right-wing press created a huge myth out of a few little problems? Clearly, whether it’s myth or reality, there is a genuine feeling of being invisible and ignored and it needs to be resolved somehow because one thing’s for sure and that is that the divisions and deep racial tensions are very real and are causing seething resentment from the British public and kneejerk reactions from the politicians.

So, here we go . . .

I hate to say this, but Hazel Blears is mostly spot on in what she says. We can safely say that yes, young, white, working class folks rightly feel disillusioned and disenfranchised. And it certainly doesn’t help when the middle-classes and the political classes and the media continually dumb them down using phrases like chavscum, no-hopers and benefit scroungers. News outlets such as The Daily Mail and the Sun have a hell of a lot to answer for. On one page they write off the working classes, claiming in short, that unemployed layabouts and single mums are to blame for rises in crime, growing disrespect and every other social ill that exists and on the next page they target that same group of people in order to gain support for their anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, racist agenda.

I’m in danger of tying myself in knots here but it won’t be the first time so hey ho. Seems to me that we just can’t get it right. It was only a while ago that people on the borderline were being ignored – those who weren’t entitled to any benefits but could only just make ends meet. So the government tried to meet their needs and now the Middle classes have grown in number. That’s not a bad thing if it keeps growing until everyone is well out of poverty. But no, there is now a new social group and you have to be poor and white to belong to it.

Fact is, the mainstream parties are ignoring the working class whites and the BNP is managing to convince them they are being ignored simply because the mainstream parties focus on the ethnics. But I say that this is a myth created by Nick Griffin and his flying monkeys, and the Daily Mail of course. Nick Griffins racism is clear for all in this article he wrote on his website. Such is his hatred of coloured people that he is accusing Barack Obama of being . .  get this . . . a deeply anti-white racist bigot. Hell, he’s even blaming him for the sub-prime disaster in the United States and is making ridiculous presumptions that Obama will only help his own people. But getting back to the UK, yes, it’s correct to say the WWC’s are not being listened to but it’s not correct to claim that it’s because the mainstreams care more for the ethnics – it’s more likely to be because the mainstreams prioritise the Middle classes.

The ethnics do not receive special treatment at the expense of the working class whites. The BNP exclusively ignores other non-white poor groups as though it’s only the whites who are suffering. But many if not most Muslims and other ethnics are also working class and poor. Poverty does not discriminate between colour or race. Poverty doesn’t care what colour or religion you are.

Wouldn’t it be good if the poor, working classes of every colour and creed got together in unity to fight against the unjust capitalist policies and the inequalities of the Labour and Conservative parties? But that’s not what the British National Party is about. The BNP only cares about poverty if it’s white poverty.

For them, it’s all about the colour. And it’s hateful.


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  1. Posted by ders on November 22, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=15xbtK7r-SA Some people would rather stick with their own.


  2. Posted by ders on November 22, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    “, they have enjoyed a lot of free time in the spotlight and the only thing that can be gained from all this publicity is . . . well, publicity. If Nick Griffin and the BNP are telling lies and talking rubbish would you not what them on prime time TV so they can expose themselves to all? The ethnics do not receive special treatment at the expense of the working class whites. Yes they do. If you want me to find loads of examples i can. Fact is, the mainstream parties are ignoring the working class whites and the BNP is managing to convince them they are being ignored simply because the mainstream parties focus on the ethnics. They are being ignored and don’t need convincing of anything,they just need a party that listens, The BNP. I’m in danger of tying myself in knots here but it won’t be the first time so hey ho. Seems to me that we just can’t get it right. Spot on. Enoch got it right.


  3. Even if the BNP and Enoch Powell were both right, which they’re not, how on earth could the BNP policies of “strongly encouraged” repatriation and segregation (apartheid in any other name) solve things? Really think about it. It would cause riots on a scale we’ve never seen before. The whole country would come to a stand-still. Why would anyone want to live in an apartheid state? Really think about it. How could it work? How could you outlaw mixed race relationships? That would make thousands and thousands of couples illegal. What would you do about their mixed-race children? Really think about it. How could you ethnically cleanse the whole country without huge social and economic consequences? Really think about it.

    Really, really think about it.


  4. Posted by ders on November 22, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    I think we will see riots on a scale we’ve never seen, i also think we live i a form of segregation,white flight,ethnic gettos. There are millions who should not be here,bogus asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, there are thousands of criminals who should be shown the door and thousands of muslims who hate our country and way of life,who want violence and they have hundreds of thousands who would support their attacks,how does letting these scumbags stay make us safer,we grow more than enough of our own scumbags why bring in more,why keep other countries scum? Islam is going to be a major problem,you know all this and you know doing nothing,putting head in sand is not an option,as for sending good law abiding people anywhere? over my dead body. The BNP does not want to out-law mixed race relationships,the Jews and muslims are your people for that. This talk of ethnically cleansing this and out lawing that is rubbish and well you know it,like i said over my dead body.Mass-immigration and islam are good for the country how? Think about it.


  5. Ders, the BNP opposes mixed race marriages because they believe in preserving racial differences and that mixed race relationships will result in the extinction of the British genotype. Well what British genotype would that be then? Immigrants have moved to the the British Isles since the year dot.

    Nick Griffin said . . . “We don’t hate anyone, especially the mixed race children who are the most tragic victims of enforced multi-racism, but that does not mean that we accept miscegenation as moral or normal. We do not and we never will”.

    Personally, I think Nick Griffin hates blacks and other ethnics and ultimately, he believes in white supremacy. How far back do you need to go to find out whether you are a pure white Brit? You need to pick a date from when indigenous people qualify as being indigenous. What if you found out that your great-grandfather was a German Jew or a Polish immigrant? Would you enjoy being “asked” to leave the country? What if your wife/husband was classed as an indigenous Brit and you weren’t?

    But then, it still wouldn’t work because many blacks/Muslims etc. are second and third generation. They were born here and so were their parents. So it’s not really a matter of how indigenously British you are, it’s what colour and religion you are.

    And to take it further, if you want Britain to be exclusively British (whatever that is), are you going to ban yoga, stir-fries, rap-music, Italian restaurants, MacDonalds (yes please!), American movies . . . . ?


  6. I am not very conversant with this issue but I am always stumped when people say we are of a “Pure Race”, given the histrocity of migrations of people from different parts of the world and the intermingling of different populations over such a Long period of time. I wonder, if its ignorance, fear or wishful thinking or religio-political agendas for power. During the 9/11 time…there was so many “white” Patriots who felt the Browns and the towel heads(I dont mean it as offence, just stating what was said in some sites and forums and associations) had to go back to where they came from, while very conveniently forgetting that they arent native here either. If the real natives got the country you would have the Cherookee, the Navajo, the Hopi etc.. dividing this Nation into their Tracts of Territory.. It was on one hand amusing and on the other hand annoying. Such is life on a See Saw.:)


  7. I agree with poverty doesnt discriminate between the ethnicity, race, colour or religion. I wonder why they cant see whats so obvious. I wonder about the Agenda behind being selectively blind.

    I have begun to see a pattern in the feeling of disillusionment, disenfranchisement and disempowerment. Every Majority in most Democracy’s feel this and every Minority in other forms of governments feel this, at some point of time. It goes in a sort of cycle between the people of the ruling class and the people of the ruled class.. everyone gets a turn being there. When one group gets attention the other groups feel ignored, that means one of two things(of course I am talking superficially) 1. the mark of bad leadership 2. People are very insecure. It would do good to sit back and look at why it is so.


  8. Posted by ders on November 22, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    I need to look more into this mixed race issue, if two people fall for each other theres not a law man,the state could make to keep them apart and that must stand. The question of mass-immigration and islam?How is it good for this country,do you think most people feel enriched?Is there no problem at all,if there is a problem how are you going to fix it.


  9. Posted by ders on November 22, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    The thing is the BNP give answers to questions,not more questions.


  10. Posted by ders on November 24, 2008 at 12:41 am

    International Lord of The Flies?


  11. Hi Starvoyager, absolutely. Who can claim to be a of a Pure Race?

    Hi Mysoul, beautifully said as always.

    Hi ders, yes, you are spot on. How can the state keep two people apart if they’ve fallen in love? What an unhappy world it would be. The BNP want to try but we can’t allow them to.


  12. Posted by ders on November 24, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    The state can’t keep people apart and they can’t force people together through dogma and law.Blears needs to remember this. What did you think of the youtube phone prank at the top?


  13. Ders, I started to watch it but I need to dash off now so I will continue later. But I did get the idea of it. Thing is, most religions and societies for that matter, dissaprove of mixed race/religion marriages. My own mother-in-law, who was a devout Roman Catholic, tried to talk me into converting to Catholicism before I married her son. It was quite a contentious issue for a while, so much so that the whole thing was almost called off at one time.

    I don’t agree with anyone trying to prevent two people from getting together, no matter which group of people is doing it.


  14. The BNP would love to jack boot around Britain doing their thing just like the self appointed Muslim ‘religious police’ do in various Muslim countries already.

    The youth within those countries are miserable as a result but also resilient. Example;



  15. And here’s the Saudi band’s website;


    Just because you can. 🙂


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