Taxing Times

Once again I am confused . . . and irritated.

In an effort to promote a spending boom hence boost the economy, the Chancellor is going to bring VAT back down to the level it was before the dreadful Thatcher got her greedy little feed-the-rich hands on it. Well first of all, if (and it’s a big if) the retailers etc. could be trusted to pass on the cuts, then, apart from luxury taxes and vital green taxes, I wholeheartedly welcome the cut but I have to ask, without taking Christmas into consideration, just how much will it help the very poorest among us? I’m not suggesting that it won’t make a difference to the economy because it surely will, but my question is, will it help the poorest that much? It’s not like those on a tight budget would make much of a saving on essential food bills because food isn’t taxed. Children’s clothing isn’t taxed either so unless you were planning on buying something indulgent, it’s not going to be that much use to the very hard-up? Add to the mix the increasing job losses and those huge loans (that the banks told us we absolutely needed to enrich our lives), and the result is that most of the ordinary folks have little or no disposable income anyway. And, even if that were not so, I can’t help wondering why, in this mad and manic, materialistic world of instant gratification and loan repayments, we should be encouraged to spend more on consumer goods anyway. Isn’t it mass consumerism and the buy now, pay later culture that has caused the crisis in the first place?

Speaking of job losses, it’s all very well that the MP’s shrug off the increasing job losses as . . . sigh, well, it’s regrettable but an inevitable aspect of the recession? But that is actually not much comfort to the father of three who has just been laid off but do you know what . . . it shouldn’t be a problem. If the government can raise the money to bail out the fat cats, so too should it be able to raise the funds to invest in jobs, training schemes etc. – especially those involving vital green initiatives.

And . . . do you know what else bugs the hell out of me? Those damned Tories and their bitching. So we are in the middle of a recession. Many people are losing their jobs and house repossessions are occurring. And it’s not good. But believe me, we can thank our gods that this recession is being handled by Gordon Brown rather than David slick-boy Cameron. He has no answers. He prefers to strut like a peacock and play party politics and disagree with everything that Labour says rather than do the manly thing and unite with them to try and help Britain survive this thing. Also, compare the details of this recession to the very grim Tory recession of the eighties and you’ll see a huge difference, mainly being that this government is pro-active unlike its hard-nosed predecessors who sat back and watched the country’s despairing citizens suffer badly. Only the wealthy remained disaffected. Of course, that’s no comfort to the victims of the current recession but that’s not the point I am making. My point is that the Tory hypocrisy, the Tory grandstanding, the Tory’s opportunistic attempts to gain political mileage is wearisome, predictable and totally bloody unhelpful!

So yeah, contrary though I may seem, I do believe that Labour is trying to do the right thing and I do welcome the reduction in VAT. And I would jump up and down and snog Alistair Darling’s eyebrows if I could trust that the highest, tax-dodging earners will pay more tax to fund these measures. Well why not? If us average folks are going to have to forsake some stuff, why not the rich too? It sure as hell won’t hurt them as much as it will hurt the poorer among us.

But . . .in a world of loopholes and tax-havens for the rich, I can’t help wondering how much of the government intent behind it all is based on genuinely wanting to help Mr and Mrs. Everyone and how much is based on (with a conspiratorial wink to the rich) vote-seeking.

And one last thing – isn’t it about time that Gordon Brown totally scrapped the unethical domestic fuel tax for the poor once and for all?


One response to this post.

  1. George W. Bush and his bandits played with tax cuts for the rich and sold them as stimulating ‘trickle-down’.
    How much of that is your average miser going to let go by ?
    Same old, same old…different places, same game.
    It was ‘tiresome’ centuries ago !
    Measure ‘Progress’.
    Department of War is rebranded as Defence and goes back to relive its ,ah,glory days…
    Any time now we should be ready with the workhouses…er,orphanages…er,refuge for the indigent.
    Go visit a countryman or two. Craig Murray at his named blog or Rick B. at Ten know a few things about which end is up.


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