Buy NOthing Day and a quick rant

Today is Buy NOthing Day which is usually a bit of a challenge for me, what with me being a shopping queen and all, but today – not a problem because my purse is on sick leave and the weather outside is just gorgeous so a long walk in the fresh outdoors is looking much more desirable than elbowing my way through the hostile crowds on the high street.

But yes, Buy NOthing Day – as consumers we rarely think of the social and environmental consequences that our shopping and our shopping habits bring. So the organisers of “Buy NOthing Day” send us a simple message: Shop less – live more! And they want as many people as possible to take part in a big consumer stand-off today.

And so, t’is my intention to avoid the crowds, keep my purse safely tucked inside my bag and take a long walk but before I go, please excuse me while I have a quick soap box moment.

The news that anti-abortionists are being allowed into secondary schools and are using shock tactics to indoctrinate the kids had me puffing like a steam train. According to the article, one teacher gave a talk in an RE lesson which was emotively entitled Abortion is Murder and the kids were shown graphic pictures of aborted foetuses. Abortion was also compared to Nazism which is rather bizarre and obscure by any stretch of the imagination. But the worse part is that these teachers are being selective with the actual facts of the procedure involved.

It’s wrong on many levels. Of course I support schools that hold discussions about the issue, but come on, some balance please . . . and total honesty. Our kids are impressionable and should be presented with true facts from both sides of the argument. They sure as hell don’t need misleading and dramatic words and images that might horrify them into a blinkered viewpoint.


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  1. Hi EarthPal,

    After hearing of yesterday’s (Black Friday’s) horrible shopping tragedies, I’m not anxious to go out and shop today. I never go out on Black Friday; it’s insane to want something so badly you’d camp in a parking lot overnight over trample (or risk getting trampled) just to shop. I’m not willing to kill to save money. Today I might be tempted to go to the grocery store for lettuce. Other than that, the days following Thanksgiving are happy days at home.

    Advent and Christmas are supposed to be about Peace on Earth, not violence and materialism. I will decorate today. Maye listen to an orchestra of Christmas music. Watch football on television. I won’t be tempted to shop. (I’ll go out next week. I’m not a hermit. And yes, we give gifts.)


  2. Last night, while walking home, I was wondering the same thing…

    A lot of the shops, cafes and pubs I use are eco-friendly, co-ops or small locally owned businesses. Using my power of assumption (always a dangerous thing to do), the people most likely to take part in ‘Buy Nothing Day’ are the people mostly likely to shop at these sorts of places. It doesn’t really strike a blow against Starbucks, Tesco or HMV.

    Of course if they were to complicate their message to ‘Buy Nothing Except From Shops Where You Are Morally Comfortable Shopping Day’ then that’s every day for some people…


  3. Hi Helen, yes I agree. I’ve always been amused (and bemused) to see shoppers camping outside department stores such as Harrod’s at the New Year sales. You would never, ever see me queue for a sale. But yes, very sad for the poor worker who was trampled to death.

    Hi Ryan, good point about ethical shopping. You’ve highlighted a bit of a conundrum there. I wouldn’t like to see the local shops suffer due to the Buy NOthing Day because after all, the message is not really targeted at them.


  4. I have an aversion to shopping, so usually I go when I really, really r…. need something…I have to work at being empathetic when I hear people say “I camped outside the store or stood for (put your time here) hours to get this book signed” I cant understand it…. I hope to someday.

    As for Abortion is Murder being taught, I wonder if they would ever say “Eating grains/eggs/chicken/beef/pork is murder” too or that “Wars are sanctioned Murders”… hmm guess I will wait for a loooonnnngg time. And what about all those Vaccines and Innoculations, arent those poor bacteria/virus being killed? (you have to muster all the sarcasm you can to read the above words).


  5. Well said Mysoul. And it’s often the anti-abortionists who support the death penalty.


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