Weather Report


What a difference a month or four makes . . .


Unless you are aged sixteen and below, you have probably been hating the recent cold weather we’ve been having here in the North West. It’s funny how the British public panic at the first signs of snow. Other countries have major hurricanes and tsunami’s and stuff. We get a couple of inches of snow and we simply can’t cope. I know it’s really crap for some people but it’s playtime for the kids, especially if school is cancelled for the day. And you just have to smile at the sight of them using the seasonal weather as a Winter playground. . . sledges, snowball fights, frostbite. And won’t those adults be pleased in the morning after the kids have made the paths even more icy with all their skating.

My son was disgusted yesterday when he heard that his big sister’s school was closed due to boiler failure but his school was still open. And he was as equally disgusted at the “fussy” teachers who wouldn’t allow them to play out at playtime. Well I’m with him on that. Come on! What kid wouldn’t want to rush outside at the sight of snow and build a snowman? What child wouldn’t feel hard done to for being denied the chance of a massive snowball fight? It’s nothing less than a human rights violation!

I was listening in at me laddies door tonight and I heard him pleading to the heavens for inches and inches of snow that will surround the school and freeze it up so that the pipes freeze and the heating breaks down. Well, he’d be full of glee to know that the smooth-talking weather man on our local radio station has just warned me that I could wake up to seven inches tomorrow (hey, his words, not mine), seven inches of the freezing cold wet stuff.

It is bloody cold though.


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