As usual, I am behind with the news and I’m in a dreadful rush now but this really, as they say, got my goat so here goes:

The government is proposing to force single parents into work or cut their benefits by up to 40%.

Yes, well that would be all well and good if we weren’t in the middle of a recession and jobs were safe and plentiful, if jobs for females were well-paid and family-friendly, and crucially, if childcare was cheap, safe and flexible.

There’s nothing really wrong with encouraging (not forcing) single mums to return to work but the conditions have to be right. It has to be fair and it has to be equal. But the reality is that employment prospects are not looking good, particularly for a single parent who requires school-friendly hours or decent, flexible childcare.

Yes, unemployment is higher than its been for years, gender inequalities still exist in the workplace and the quality of childcare in Britain is grim (let’s not forget – we don’t like children in this country).

And let’s face it, bringing up children is in itself a full time job. Bringing up children alone is even more challenging. At the moment the proposal is to make parents work when their child reaches the age of twelve to be lowered to seven I think in 2010 but it’s been suggested that lone mothers of one-year old babies should make themselves ready for work or face financial cuts.

And furthermore, the government is planning to privatise Jobcentre Plus. We all know what happens when the public sector is combined with privatisation but yes, private firms are to run some of our welfare and benefits services. Another golden opportunity for private firms, whose priority is profit, to exploit the vulnerable citizens of our society.

It’s all a bit Tory isn’t it.

(Lordy! Not a single link. I haven’t time now. I will supply them later).


2 responses to this post.

  1. It’s the Daily Mail agenda, which both political parties seem determined to reflect within policy. This country is going down the toilet.


  2. It’s the Daily Mail agenda

    Absolutely Matt. I almost said Daily Mail instead of Tory in that last sentence.


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