Plane Stupid and Selfish?

Why, oh why do I let myself bite like this? I would go away and meditate or listen to some chill-out music or something but I’m just too wound up. I knew I should have stayed away from the Internet and done that Christmas wrapping instead.

Anyway, too late now so here goes:

After yesterday’s protest by Plane Stupid which resulted in a runway being closed and flights being cancelled, lots of people were inconvenienced and it’s being said by many folks commenting on forums that the Plane Stupid protesters were grossly selfish in their actions. And these forum folks are using the human stories to express their indignation . . . things such as individuals who missed funerals or were going to see their families for Christmas or that it’s hurting the working classes the most (eh?) . . . etc. etc.. Someone even commented that the protesters were just self-righteous rich kids.

Well firstly, what the crappery does wealth have to do with it? Is this a class issue now? Actually, the poor are hurt the most by climate change, not by cancelled shopping trips to Paris! And their young ages? Can someone please tell me what relevence that has? Can only middle-aged boots take part in protests now? Are young people not capable of believing in an issue and fighting for it? Maybe we should take the vote off them too huh?

I’ll tell you who is truly selfish – the lazy arses who can’t be bothered with the inconvenience of climate change so they choose to deny it exists and exploit the emotive stories of yesterday to use as propaganda to support their denial. Well we’d all better get used to more restrictive forms of transport because the planet is not going to pamper the human for much longer. She’s had enough of our selfish greed and exploitation and is going to force us to change. Unfortunately, as stubborn and selfish as we are, we are determined to do it the hard way.

The Plane Stupid protest yesterday raised awareness and gained wide publicity but alas, it probably also alienated many people who would otherwise have supported them. Yes, people were inconvenienced, some sadly so but I’m sure people were inconvenienced when the slave trade was abolished or when the Suffragettes hit the city. Basically, which government ever listened and said oh, ok then after being asked politely? Since when did any government really take much notice when faced with petitions? Unfortunately it is direct action that is usually more successful.

Thing is, if the bloody governments hadn’t been procrastinating for so damn long, if world leaders hadn’t insisted on prioritising big business and capitalism against the good of the planet, if the governments of the industrial world had taken REAL ACTION instead of greenwash then just maybe we’d have a cheap, flexible and crucially, sustainable transport system in place that would have freed us once-and-for-all from our dependence on flying. Hey, who knows, if the government had really invested in renewables research, we might even have had a sustainable air transport system in place now, or at least on the way. Anyway, we would all by now have adapted to an alternative transport infrastructure and restricted travel freedoms. We would all have accepted and integrated ourselves into the new system and yesterday would never have happened.

Top and bottom is, all of yesterday’s inconveniences are nothing compared to what it’s going to get like. The results of global warming will impact all of our children . . . rich or or poor, strong or weak.


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  1. Posted by Tim Powell on December 9, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    A pretty succint apraisal of events. Those poor people who missed their flights or were delayed, my heart bleeds for them. What about the rights of the millions of people who will be condemned to death by climate change and energy shortages. It’s about time the government started telling the truth about the situation and stopped representing the interests of the minority. Despite all the razz-a-mataz that they spout nothing much has changed. New coal fired power stations, new airport runways, phooey. I used to think that the young had lost the plot a bit lately but these protesters restore my faith in them. After all, they will be around a lot longer than me.


  2. “What about the rights of the millions of people who will be condemned to death by climate change and energy shortages.

    Hi Tim, yes that’s the point that people seem to be totally missing. They think that the protesters are so, so cruel and mean and selfish but they are missing the crucial point.

    And yeah, I’ve long since learned that the politicians speak the rhetoric and make green gestures and it always amounts to nothing.


  3. Heard a report yesterday whereby the government are forcing through the opening of open cast coal mines again up and down the country.

    Doesn’t matter if the local council supports local people by opposing it, the government is pushing these through.

    If we are to continue using coal, most of it currently arrives by ship from Europe and even Australia & South Africa.

    For the record, I think those protesters did a good job.


  4. Yes Matty, they’re calling it a renaissance. Isn’t it just ironic though given that the coal miners of Thatcher’s day were forced to go through a very painful and heartbreaking transition.

    The government is aiming for an 80% cut in emissions while simultaneously urging investment into coal. Yes, it’s going to be great for jobs etc but so would investment into renewables.

    It’s all a bit too contrary for me.


  5. Labour = coal, airport expansion and nuclear …. oh and quite a few wind turbines to divert our attention.

    I wonder how that Severn barrage idea is coming along!


  6. Yes, absolutely Matt.

    My hubby is going to be working on Thanet Wind farm for most of next year.


  7. Good stuff! Thanks for the link. You must be proud of your hubby’s involvement.


  8. Yes Matty, it’s better than working on oil rigs as he has done in the past. That’s a dirty little secret isn’t it. But don’t worry, I’ve educated him since. πŸ˜‰


  9. Likely I’ve picked up a few thoughts on green tech, etc. that might be of interest. is rather busy though. : For whatever reason a lot of the stuff I expect you’d like is well down on the page.
    If you want something completely different for the business and planning crowd, this might get them thinking


  10. Posted by Lawrence on March 3, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    it makes me laugh really.

    each time Plane Stupid protest, it’s backfiring on them (see all media stroies in the aftermath!)

    They are going the same way as Animal Right protesters.

    People are so disgusted with their actions, they’re losing the support of the moderates and becoming fringe activist groups.

    keep up the good work. It will be amusing to see a little suqare green patch of grass from my plane when I take off from the 3rd runway in a few years…



  11. Good for you Lawrence. I’m so happy for you.


  12. Wonderful page,, Will visit once again


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