UDHR: 60 years on

amnesty-candle1The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed sixty years ago tomorrow and although human rights violations still exist across the world, many brilliant and unimaginable achievements have already been made. I think a huge, huge tribute is due to the people and groups who have fought with tireless courage and dedication for the right of the human to exist unoppressed . . . with dignity and health, freedom and equality, justice and peace.

So, much respect and admiration for groups such as Amnesty International, Liberty and Human Rights Watch to name but a few.

Amnesty International’s Fire Up campaign is celebrating the event and all are welcome . . .

In hundreds of locations around the world, people will gather holding lights to form the shape of the iconic Amnesty candle.

The images captured will send a unified message of solidarity around the world, and prove there is a global community of us committed to ensuring the basic human rights articles laid out in the UDHR 60 years ago, will become a reality for us all.


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