Distasteful is putting it mildly

I am stuck for words. Truly I am. Well not really but I can’t seem to ungrit my teeth.  All because of an article in the Mail on Sunday (online) that is quite simply pathetic. I’m not much into the habit of reading the Mail myself (unless I’m in a masochistic mood and feel like reading the latest drivel by Melanie Philips) so I almost missed it but then I spotted it here and I almost wish I hadn’t.

It’s written by David Cameron and the article itself is predictable so my main focus is on the headline itself :

There are 5 million people on benefits in Britain. How do we stop them turning into Karen Matthews?

Lordy! Can he really get away with such tripe? Does the man have no sense of proportion? The Matthews case is about as isolated as it gets and in one headline sentence, he’s stereotyped five million people from varied backgrounds who, for many a varied reason, have found themselves dependent on benefits. I accept there are a minority who exploit the system but it’s highly bloody unlikely that any one of them will turn into Karen Matthews. Does he honestly believe that if his Tory boys don’t step in and intervene, all those five million awfully horrid and bad benefit claimants are at risk of becoming child abductors and fraudsters who will then go on to sell their stories to the Mail’s runty little wannabee for a few grand?

But not only that. How grossly insensitive are they for using Shannon as a poster girl for their anti-working class agenda and their political point-scoring against Labour? Have they not stopped to think how all this politicising may be affecting Shannon, the real victim, whose personal welfare should be at the heart of all this? Of course they haven’t. Early on in his article, Cameron comes over all concerned about the future of children but it’s pretty clear that the Tories and the Mail editors alike would rather see the poor girl stigmatised for life than pass up an opportunity to blame the working classes for every damn thing that goes wrong in our society.

Sigh. At least the immigrants are getting a rest from the bashing.

I guess it’s all very reflective of the Mail readership but it’s also indicative of where the Tories are.


2 responses to this post.

  1. “Latest drivel” seemed a succinct synopsis. “No” works too.
    ‘Getting away with’….try this


  2. Cheers opit.


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