My Boss is a Dog and Other Stories

Folks, it’s the manic season again and like most mums, there just aren’t enough hours in the days for me so today I asked my boss if I could use some of my leave and take a couple of days off . . to get things done . . . and he gave me an emphatic NO. Ooh, I was so mad I could have thrown my shoes at him. So no hols for me. Ho hum, no doubt I will multi-task my way through the season just like I always do. But hey, what about that dog Bush and the shoe incident? Oh the dignity of being leader of the free world. I wonder if he’ll start a War on Shoes.

Anyway, there’s so much to catch up on and I’m finding it impossible to keep up but I have to try or you’ll forget about me. So, as well as Bush and his brush with a pair of flying shoes, another thing that got my attention is this little YouTube of a group of hunt saboteurs saving a fox from a pack of hounds. It happened in November at the Ledbury hunt and although the fox must have been injured and very traumatised, the hunt was spoiled and the fox was taken care of at a wildlife sanctuary. So a big yay to the hunt sabs and a fingers-up to the hunters.

And I’ve been amused at the indignance towards the X Factor winner’s cover of Hallelujah and the cries of . . . oh no, X Factor stars can’t cover that song! It’s not a pop-song! You have to earn the right to sing that song! And silly things about it being deeply inappropriate or disrespectful. Some people felt so strongly about it that they started an online petition which has received 190 signatures so far. I couldn’t resist reading the comments by some of the names. They’re really quite worked up about it. Get a grip folks. No-one should be allowed to manipulate the charts the way Cowell does but listening to the X Factor version isn’t compulsory. Alexandra’s cover isn’t my favourite either and I certainly won’t be rushing to download it but I can’t say she kills the song.

Someone said in the comments section of a newspaper article . . .

but you don’t really care for music do ya should be Simon Cowell’s epitaph.

Now that is funny.

And, did anyone see the moon on Saturday evening? Blessed be. T’was immensely gorgeous. What I would like to do is illustrate this post with a lovely big lunar image that I took with my wonderful Olympus digital camera but I can’t because my camera is missing. It disappeared on Hallowe’en and has never been seen since.

Anyway, ttfn. I’m off to parcel up a pair of shoes that need to be returned because they don’t fit. Who reckons I should send them to George Bush instead? Just for a giggle?


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  1. The best for you and your family, Earthpal. And I wish this every day of every year.


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