Join the Food Chain Campaign

Friends of the Earth are running a campaign which calls on the government to revolutionise the way we produce meat and dairy products.

A FOE publication, What’s feeding our food? explains how the food that we eat has serious and wide-ranging environmental and social impacts. The publication explains it fully and is worth reading but, in short, the intensive farming practises that bring about our food supplies have huge consequences, the knock-on effects resulting in massive deforestastion, destruction of habitats, loss of biodiversity, increased carbon emissions and human-rights violations such as forced evictions, community intimidation and loss of livelihoods.

I’m sure it doesn’t need spelling out that the far-reaching consequences are dire … ie … global hunger and poverty, not to mention the devastating effects on the environment.

Friends of the Earth are challenging the big food corporations, the monopolising supermarkets and the GM industry and they are asking us to join them in urging our government to stop the intensive and very destructive livestock system and mandate for a fairer low-impact, home-grown food supply and a healthy planet.

I’m sure it can be done . . . if there’s a will to smash the greed and make things more equal.


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