Huge respect to John McDonnell MP

“The decision today for my constituents was an absolute disgrace. The commitments that have been given in terms of conditions attached are spin.

They’re as worthless as the commitment that there will be no third runway.

It is a betrayal of future generations in terms of the environment, it’s a betrayal of my constituents who will lose their homes, their schools, their cemeteries, their churches…
And it’s a betrayal of this House and democracy not to have a vote in this House.

We’re not asking for every infrastructure project, we’re asking for the most significant one in a generation to be brought to this House with a vote.

Will there be a vote and why not?

“It’s a disgrace to the democracy of this country!”

Nothing more to add except to say that there are five airports in London and our government expects us to believe that a third runway is an essential and crucial project.

Ten reasons to stop Heathrow expansion.

We’ve seen nothing yet. The battle is about to begin.


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