Full Arms Embargo!

Amnesty is asking us to write to Foreign Secretary, David Miliband urging him to agree to an arms embargo on Israel, Hamas and Palestinian armed groups.

The group has issued an urgent appeal for an international arms embargo as a German-owned cargo ship carrying weapons from the United States is on its way to Israel. Amnesty says there is a possibility that it contains white phosphorus, an agent that some groups argue is a chemical weapon and therefore should be illegal under international law. The IDF has already used this munition in the current Gaza conflict. It is an indiscriminate weapon that causes severe burns and when used in densely populated areas such as Gaza, it cannot avoid hitting civilians.

According to Amnesty, the ship’s journey has been delayed due to the controversy but the Pentagon is looking for other ways of getting the arms to its Israeli destination.

It doesn’t need me to tell you that hundreds and hundreds of civilians – children, babies – have been killed or maimed since Israel attacked Gaza and it’s vital that military resources are cut in order to end the destruction and prevent further loss of innocent lives.

The time to confiscate their toys is long overdue.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Israel is fully responsible for what it has done in Gaza. Jews all over the world who have not condemned Israel’s actions are also responsible, which has created a growing resentment against members of that religion everywhere.

    I understand that ship, or another with the same mission to carry weapons to Israel, has been detained in Greece and not allowed to leave.

    If all countries did likewise, perhaps that would be the first step in the isolation of the murderous and illegal State of Israel. Stop the weapons going to it and Israel is kaput.


  2. Yes, Israel’s actions are appalling but they will get away with it.


  3. Alas! What can we do if our leaders keep blah-ing all the time and we see no progress at all. Perhaps an overhaul of our democracy would suffice, but unfortunately the power – the real power – is in the hands of those who support Israel.


  4. It’s frustrating Jose. We’re all just pawns in their power games. They do things in our name and we’re trapped in the system . . . no matter what we do they have us cornered.


  5. And they care a fig if we like it or not…


  6. I know Jose. Time for the people to take back their country huh?


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