Trident and Generals

I came over all excited when I read this report. Some retired generals from the armed forces have declared that Trident is irrelevant and we really shouldn’t bother spending time and money on a replacement. Yes!!

I read further and found that the same generals also suggested it would be better to put the money into the armed forces instead. No!!

Talk about a deflated balloon.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m chuffed as heck that some very important, military-types . . . senior ones no less with grand British titles and things . . . agree with me that Trident is a waste of space and that money spent on such a pointless monstrosity is . . . well, pointless. But to re-direct all those billions of pounds towards our defence budget would be as equally wasteful.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t invest in our country’s security. We most certainly should. But I’m thinking more in terms of imminently real threats such as climate change and unsustainable runaway dependence on fossil fuels.

Just think what good £20 billion could do.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I bet those generals are on the black list of the armament industry, and perhaps they want to ensure their pensions be paid in full. LOL.


  2. Yes, they’ll certainly be on Gordon’s blacklist. If I remember rightly, Gordon Brown himself flip-flopped on the Trident replacement. I think he was once totally against renewing it and now he is totally pushing for it.


  3. He’ll back himself up on unemployment, the crisis, but the real truth is behind the strength of the armament industry.

    As you rightly say, imagine what can be done with twenty billion pounds, that’s if they have imagination, which sometimer I think is not a trait with politicians.


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