BBC Bias – a general rant

The BBC justifies its refusal to screen the DEC’s appeal for aid in Gaza by saying that showing the ad would compromise its political neutrality but doesn’t their very act of refusing to show the ad take away their neutrality? The BBC has a compassionate history of making appeals for humanitarian aid in many regions of the world so surely their refusal in this case actually makes the BBC appear to be taking sides . . . with Israel.

On a random note, one thing that I’ve found to be tiresome is when people cry . . . what about the suffering in the rest of the world, Darfur, Congo etc.?  Why do you only care about the Palestinians? Of course, the questions could be turned on them . . . why do you care for Israeli suffering and the victims of Darfur etc. but show no compassion for the Palestinians?  Or why do you condemn the brutal actions of governments such as Mugabe yet defend brute force by the Israeli government?

But these tit for tat arguments do no service to the humanitarian effort.  A humanitarian disaster is just that, wherever it is. There’s certainly some truth in that any events involving Israel/Palestine are much more intensely covered by the media and even by bloggers than equally atrocious (worse even) events anywhere else.  Speaking for myself, I think the Africa Question just seems so massive and so desperately unsolvable that I never know what to say about it.  I still care for the innocent victims. There are several huge appeals every year for the plight of the suffering people in Darfur etc. and the people of Britain respond with enormous generosity so it’s not a case of caring less for them at all but like I said, I never know what to say except to condemn the violence and send aid to the victims.

Anyway, back on topic, it comes as no surprise to me that Sky has also declined to air the appeal, saying . . .

We don’t believe that broadcasting such an appeal on Sky News can be combined with the balance and context that impartial journalism aims to bring to the highly-charged and continuing conflict in Gaza.

Head of Sky News John Ryley

I’m not having that!  Sky news has been moving closer to the right for several years now and can certainly not be described as fair or balanced in its news and politics coverage.  Its refusal to show the DEC appeal is a perfect example of its bias.  Let’s face it, since when did Rupert Murdoch, who owns Sky News, have any respect for the truth – about anything?  He cares only for circulation and viewing figures, no matter how much it cheapens his news outlets.  He will be fully aware that the refusal to broadcast the appeal is news itself and no doubt he will take full advantage.  That said, maybe it’s personal. I did hear that his mother is/was Jewish and although that in itself is probably irrelevant, there’s certainly little doubt that he is pro-Israeli.   Being pro-Israeli shouldn’t get in the way of decency and compassion . . . but sadly, it often does.

But what I don’t get is how they can interpret the appeal as being one-sided.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s about human need, not politics. The DEC is a non-political and fully neutral charity that doesn’t discriminate between colour, race or religion, it simply gives aid where its needed  The refusal to show the advert is cowardly and it proves that in spite of their claims to be independent, they really are very much controlled . . . and very scared of a backlash from the lobby groups, those who supported Israel’s military action – you know the kind . . . people who scream “antisemitism” at the slightest criticism of the Israeli government . . . people who claim that anyone who is against the destruction, the humiliation and the killing of innocent people must be Jew-hating, holocaust deniers.

I guess the pro-Israeli’s don’t want the world to see the destruction and devastation that Israel has brought to the Gazans.

The guilty do protest too much, methinks.


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