“Stupid is as Stupid Does”

Sometimes I’m amazed by my own stupidity.

I’m off work because I have a dreadful cold and it wouldn’t do to pass it on to the poorly patients at work – even though it’s likely that I caught it off one of the poor dears in the first place but hey ho, we all have job perks.  Mine’s a snotty nose, aching limbs and a throat full of razors and I should shut up and be grateful.

Anyway, my stupidity . . . I took my kids to school feeling dreadful and I couldn’t wait to get back home and put my feet up with a lovely warm cup of lemon and ginger tea.  But I forgot to pick up my door key.  My daughter left the house after me for college and of course she locked up – so I was locked out.

I sent her a text message (hoping to the gods that she habitually ignored all the rules about mobile phones in classroom) asking if it was possible for her to nip out of class to give me her keys.  No reply came so I drove down to her college and waited a bit.  She eventually replied saying she couldn’t get out yet and that it would be at least an hour because it was an important lesson and she has an exam on Wednesday and they were going over some of the vital stuff.

I’m sure her tutor would have let her nip out for two minutes to bring the keys but being fully aware that she is way too timid to ask, I knew it was never a real possibility . . and that going into the college, finding her classroom and collecting the key myself was an even greater impossibility because she would never forgive me for embarrassing her.  So I weighed up my limited options bearing in mind that (1) I was off work sick and couldn’t risk being seen in a public place, (2) I was feeling dreadful anyway and couldn’t face the cold outside the car, (3) knocking on the door of friend or family wasn’t an option because (a) I had an infectious bug and (b) they would all be at work anyway . . . and (4) I was bursting for a pee.

So the only option for me was to wait . .  with my legs crossed.  She eventually came out with the keys and I eventually got home and I eventually remembered that there was a spare back door key under the plant pot in the back garden!!!



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  1. Posted by auntysally on January 26, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    My recent lock-out cost me £130 (late night charges)! And i have racked my brains ever since trying to work out a safe place to keep a spare key in a block of tenement flats, to no avail.

    And To add insult to injury, the locksmith, who was a dearie, gained access to my flat in less than about 5 seconds.

    My house-leaving routine is now even more paranoid than it was, before the lock-out palaver.


  2. I had to pay 90 Euros once for a man to open my house door with a piece of plastic. It took him about a second. I hated him for that – he could have at least made it look hard.


  3. Must admit we don’t have a backup key plan in place. At least you did EP, even if your flu condition meant you weren’t thinking straight! Legs uncrossed now. 🙂


  4. …and how’s your flu? I expect you recover soon.


  5. I’ll be over to rob the laptop! 😆


  6. Aunt Sally, £130 is a gross exploitation. I used to leave a spare key at my dads house before he died but the plan relied on him being home any time I found myself locked out.

    Zhisou, yes I can understand your frustration. If only we knew how to pick locks with credit cards and things.

    Matty, legs are now relaxed and bladder is empty. Well, not quite empty . . . all the cups of herbal tea and hot ribena are having an effect.

    Jose, my flu is dying and I am feeling a bit better today. It still hurts when I cough though so don’t be retracting the sympathy just yet. 🙂

    MissyL, lol. I will have to think of another hidey-hole for my spare key.


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