Heathrow vote

I wanted to say something about the vote in Parliament – the one that passed the third runway bill, but JimJay has a suitable post on his blog congratulating the twenty-eight MP’s who voted against it and seeing as I’m  a lazy old boot, I’ll just link to his post.

Thanks Jim Jay and indeed thanks to the twenty-eight rebels.  I didn’t know about the “accidental” vote made by Martin Linton.  Whoops!  Good thing for him that it wasn’t a decider vote.  I’d be right outside his house throwing paper airoplanes at his windows shouting ‘dipstick’ and any other nasty name I could think of.

Don’t be celebrating just yet all you greedy fat corporate expanders of airports.  T’is not over yet.


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  1. Which shows how our representatives are not our representatives but somebody else’s.


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