Self-harming again

I can’t understand why I do it to myself but I do.  And I did.  And now I feel really dirty. I mean dirty in a violated, unclean kind of way.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been ill and the fever has caused me to act in an erratic and irrational way.  Fevers can have that effect you know.   Or maybe I’m just a Internet masochist who can’t resist vile female columnists who spit out their their racist venom through gritted teeth and exploit human disasters to push their world view.

I’ve just spent an hour or so in the dark and gruesome pages of über-Zionist Melanie Phillips, the self-appointed champion of Israel.  I’m not even going to link to her website because she might be able to track it back to me and I really don’t want her to find me because she scares the hell out of me.  But I can tell you, her satanic pages were full of hysterical, fear-mongering sensationalism about the Israel/Gaza situation.  She also writes a column for the Spectator and the biggest injustice is that she gets paid for it.  I know!

Anyway, I read three of her hateful articles and I just sighed. I didn’t even have the energy to get angry or frustrated.  Well the anger did start to rise . . and my fingers did start to twitch on the New Post button but my head just said, what’s the fecking use?  Extremist bigots like her have been discredited before and they still bounce back.

But unfortunately I am feeling a begrudging obligation to make some kind of comment.  But bloody hell, where do I start?

Ok, I might just stop writing and abandon the whole post mid-sentence but while I’m running on a bit of anger-juice I’ll keep on typing.

Right, first off (and remember, I’m not linking to her. This compassionately-barren woman really does scare me.  I own up, I’m a coward who doesn’t dare confront her face-to-face, so if you want to check out her militant, neo-zionist, Islamophobic views go and strangle google her for yourself).  So anyway, her inability to distinguish between antisemitism and anti-zionism brought her to produce a rather ridiculous and hysterical piece entitled: The mild-mannered British desire for the annihilation of Israel. Yes folks, she thinks that we Brits are a bunch of antisemitic Jew-haters.  I know, it’s weary.  Well I think her little rant against the British people is offensive, arrogant and prejudiced . . . and she’s making some dreadful sweeping assumptions.

Yes, because one well-dressed lady in a queue said that she can’t wait till Israel disappears off the face of the earth, the whole of Britain desires the annihilation of Israel. Well for someone who once said (and I paraphrase) that the Palestinians are an artificial people who can be collectively punished for acts of terrorism because they are a terrorist population, her indignance is a bit hypocritical don’t you think?

She links to an article written by a guy, a sociologist named Frank Furedi, the man who overheard aforementioned well-dressed lady making the nasty comment.

I’m actually reluctant to believe that the writer of the article she’s referring to actually did overhear the “well-dressed lady” say what he claims she said . . . or that he really did, as he claimed to, ask a group of Pakistani waiters why they hated Israel. I’m inclined to suspect that he made it up to support his world view. I mean anyone can do that can’t they, because there’s no way of getting them to show any proof under those circumstances.  You know these people will seize on any headline however unfounded it may be so long as it supports their world view. In his article Furedi uses a myth that you may remember circulated the media a year or so ago claiming that some teachers in England are reluctant to discuss the experience of the Holocaust in the classroom in case it alienates children from a Muslim background. It’s a misleading comment that goes to demonstrate his willingness to pick any headline-grabbing piece of sensationalism to back his views. The Holocaust is a mandatory component of the National curriculum. It’s compulsory for god’s sake!  But like I said, it fits with his agenda so he uses it to spread fear.  And Phillips illustrates her own bigotry by using such articles to further the same dismal cause.

Anyway, Phillips also challenges the numbers quoted for Palestinian civilians killed in the attack on Gaza, saying that there is no evidence whatsoever that many of the victims were civilians:

Both politicians and journalists have accepted at face value the Hamas claim that the dead in Gaza were mainly civilians, whereas the Israelis maintain that the vast majority were terrorist operatives

Yes, all those 400-and-counting Palestinian children were a bit scary, such a huge military threat to Israel. Better to kill them huh? Very telling how she demands evidence from Palestine but is very certain that everything Israel says is the truth.

Oh, what’s the point, I’ve lost the will.

To cut a long story short, Phillips is blatantly and unashamedly biased towards Israel.  The only Jews she hates are those who show sympathy for the Palestinians and their decades-long plight.  She basically implies that anyone who criticises the Israeli government is a Jew-hater . . . that anyone who is against the killing of innocent civilians, the loss of livelihoods, the humiliation and the destruction of a whole population, is antisemitic.  You can’t debate honestly with that.

There are plenty more articles just like this one in her Spectator column.  If she’s not appeasing the Jews and ranting about Arabs, she’s Muslim-bashing.  And if she’s not Muslim-bashing, she’s denying climate change.  And if she’s not doing all that, she’s Obama-bashing.  And if she’s not Obama-bashing, she’s bashing gay rights.

What’s not to hate about her?


6 responses to this post.

  1. It is most important to expose ourselves to the tripe spewed by militarist idiots, as unpleasant as that experience is. It is only in this way that we get the strength to point at them and say FOOL!

    Once we expose their claims for the nonsense it is, we can then set about stopping their actions.

    You keep holding your nose and watching her. In time she will fall, and your pain will lift…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  2. If you read this

    your idea of the Zionists may be overturned.

    Many believe that Israelis today descend from the Khazars, therefore not Semites at all.


  3. ClapSo, you are right. I’m not really scared of Melanie PhillPotty. I was just being dramatic. Yes, we should always expose them and confront their bigotry.

    Jose, thanks for the link. I will read it later but I have heard a whisper or two about the “alternative” history of Zionists. I’ve just never had the time to investigate further. I will get round to it. My use of the word zionist in my post is meant in the widely accepted version of course.


  4. ClapSo has had the experience where people he admires greatly running for office can’t get coverage in mainstream ‘media’ also. Nader is primarily who I mean.
    I had ‘listed’ Amy Alkon of LA and her Advice Goddess blog for years : but I have tired of her parroting ‘talking points’ of the Reich as outspoken personal thoughts. She’s another victim-hater (Palestinians) and Israeli fear-flogging copycat and stimulator as far as I can tell.
    One thing I find commenting online : repetition is guaranteed because the conversation is spotty. If you have an interest in real reporting of the situation in Gaza, I expect the Heathlander and Reclaiming Space would be a good places to start – though I know many more.
    Have you seen this ?


  5. Thank you Opit. I will check out those websites and the link.
    I greatly admire ClapSo and his blog. He has a deep understanding of and is extremely perceptive of politicians.

    Ralph Nader would have got my vote too. The best Green candidate by far and the most compassionate.


  6. “He has a deep understanding of and is extremely perceptive of politicians.”
    Well put! ( chortle )


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