The Eighties Principle: Divide and Rule

We’d be forgiven for thinking the eighties had revisited us what with growing unemployment figures, hard-hitting recessions and now mass industrial action. Yes, workers striking in protest against them bloody forriners getting all our jobs.  Every time I switch the news on, I keep expecting to see Margaret Thatcher shouting at us all and declaring that she’s still not for turning.  Makes me shudder.

I support the workers.  I feel for them in their worry and their distress.  But come on –  “British jobs for British Workers”?  What a ridiculous and misleading slogan to use!  Do you think Gordon Brown has finished eating his words yet?  The far rights groups will certainly feed off this for months. The BNP, whose policy has always been to employ British workers first,  has already hijacked the strikes and it doesn’t need me to quote any of the the usual predictable tosh they’re now coming out with on their website.

Pointing the finger at the foreign worker is divisive at a time when worker solidarity is needed.  But it’s also  a bit hypocritical because I’m sure we all know somebody whose dad or brother or cousin in the construction industry spent two or three years working in Germany or Belgium trying to earn some decent money when times were tough here. Who can blame those foreigners for wanting to do the same . . . take a few risks and seek some good pay abroad?

Sure, the militancy is absolutely justified but the unions need to be targeting the  greedy bosses and the government, not foreign workers.  They should be walking out in protest at the lack of action by Gordon Brown to support their pay and their jobs.  Bankers get massive bail-outs.  The workers get pay cuts and lay-offs.  That’s what they should be getting militant about.

I support and defend the strikers but for god’s sake, get rid of that stupid slogan.


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  1. Posted by centurean2 on February 3, 2009 at 6:48 pm









  2. Excellent post, Earthpal. I am fully with you in this. Globalisation is not only corporations getting abroad to exploit lower working conditions in places such as India or China, it is also those people over there moving about in the world.


  3. Posted by ders on February 4, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    I support and defend the strikers but for god’s sake, get rid of that stupid slogan. Tibet for the tibetans. Palestine for the Pals, Iraqi jobs for Iraqi people. Why do you hate the British? and Hello.


  4. Hi Centurion, well in terms of the environment, yes the island is small and over-populating it will have an impact so we need to be aware of that and act accordingly (and humanely).

    As for there being no far-right party in Britain, I wasn’t talking about political parties as such but far-right groups such as Stormfront and Combat 18. But anyway, the BNP is a far right political party in my opinion . . . with a few socialist policies.

    I can’t comment on the shooting because I don’t know anything about it.

    As for fearing “this Fabian government”, I do fear this government but not because of any Fabian connections.

    Hi Jose, thank you. Spot on as usual.

    Hi Ders, nice to hear from you. Hope you are well.

    We’re not talking about the illegal invasion and occupation of our country, we’re talking about jobs. I don’t hate the British. I am British. My family is British. I just think these workers (or their unions!) are targeting the wrong people. It’s the bosses and the leaders that are responsible for unregulated sub-contracting and the neo-liberal free market agenda that takes away workers rights and allows the bosses to get away with deteriorating work and pay conditions.

    Also, what would you do about all the Brits working abroad? If we apply the “British jobs for British Workers” principle then we can only expect overseas employers to do the same and sack all the British workers there. I’m not sure they’d thank you for it!


  5. Posted by ders on February 6, 2009 at 12:43 am

    We are talking about the legal invasion of our country and we are talking about jobs,JOBS, things will get bad,we need out of the EU. The rest of Europe is 20x the size of our country,there are no floating hotels full of Brits,the numbers don’t add up,things ain’t right. You hope I’m well,and I hope you’re well, am I well? I’m in good health but f–k I’m angry.Labour,Brown,the Banksters Globalist scum,the EUSSR,the list goes on and on, everything seems corrupt and full of lies and most people just walk round like zombies,shopping zombies and sheep. I think I’ll try that Eckhart Tolle tape again.:)


  6. Indeed, Earthpal. I can tell you the problem is not only British, the problem is worldwide spread. I can tell you that it is something that has gone out of the governments’ reach, it is the banking system that is operating on generalised instructions from whoever it is. There are problems everywhere in the world, only those places where the state of welfare, or anything similar to it that they may have, does not exist where they don’t have these problems, because they are poor to the standards assigned by the powerful.

    As Earthpal says if the Brits working elsewhere would be compelled to return home, your problem would be much worse, worse than you would ever imagine.


  7. Posted by ders on February 6, 2009 at 10:27 am

    Our problem wouldn’t be worse than ever, skilled people would be coming home, most people coming here from out side the EU don’t put anything on the table,they just breed and take, they’re not here because they love our culture and country,they’re not here for the weather, they spend most of their time trying to change things to suit them,the European lads I’ve worked with do work,some good men but this “Government”doesn’t put our people first and it should,even the foreigners can see the problem but it suits them, people here illegally should be sent home(bogus asylum seekers and illegal immigrants).People leaving this country take money and skills with them, most people coming here come here with no money. There are many Brits in this country who need help and many who need a kick up the arse,the carrot and stick have gone missing.Brown thinks helping people in other countries and foreigners here is more important than looking after your own,well this will bite him and the other, just as guilty mainstream parties in the arse,good,I would like to see the traitors get the same treatment as Sadam. Look I think people would mix in their own time but whats happening now is being pushed for the wrong reasons,thats why we have dogma,hate laws that don’t count if you’re white/British and political correctness,lies. I can see the BNP with a few MEPs in June and more support and votes come 2010.


  8. You’d like to see the traitors get the same treatment as Sadam? Yes, from what I can see you’d like to see the death penalty again in the UK. Drastic, aren’t you?

    Perhaps you don’t know that there are many foreign specialists in the UK. Perhaps you do not remember the old colonial times or perhaps you miss them?

    Much that you’d like to see the BNP up high, I don’t think there are many British thinking like you do.

    Do you really think the British Industry would subsist without buyers abroad?

    Do you think British trade would be content with selling just in Britain?


  9. Posted by ders on February 6, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    No,I don’t have a problem with the death penalty for people like Brown, Huntly or Sutcliffe, traitors/war criminals,child killers and brutal rapists,no problem at all.
    I do know the are many foreign specialists in the UK, and many,many more foreign criminals, parasites and thousands of muslims who hate our country and people.
    The French,Spanish,Portuguese etc all explored the world,I can’t miss something I never had.
    Yes I would like to see the BNP doing better. I don’t like the EU (love Europe),I would like to see European unity and trade but not the corrupt greedy lying gravy train EU,Unity not Union, I think each country should make its own laws etc.
    I do think more and more people are thinking like me,in fact i know it. Its not about kicking everyone out but this free for all will end in tears, there must be some control on immigration.
    The NWO Globalists, EU Puppets are not doing what they are doing for the good of the people and people are waking up to this fact and the fact the 3 mainstream parties in this country are not going to change a thing,they are the enemy.


  10. Sadly I cannot see that much I may say will make you change your thoughts. So, I’ll leave it as it is.


  11. Posted by ders on February 7, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    Ok Jose, no problem. I don’t think room 101 would change my thoughts on the pigs in Westminster and the EU.


  12. Posted by ders on February 7, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    Ok Jose, no problem. I don’t think room 101 would change my thoughts on the pigs in Westminster and the EU. I don’t blame the foreign workers but I’ve only had 2 weeks work in 8 and I do blame and hate the above.


  13. I can understand how you feel, ders. It is human, but the solutions you propose do not seem to me to be correct. They will eventually lead to a worse situation.

    In my opinion this crisis has been sought and is purposeful, and as I can see from here we should blame the banking system for it. Otherwise how can one explain the faster step in saving? How can we explain the surprising rise in some banks’ profits? And the difficulties in getting loans?

    I think that’s where it really hurts.


  14. Posted by ders on February 8, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    I’m anti-Globalization internationalist Banker, anti-illegal foreign war, I’m against the corrupt undemocratic, totalitarian EU,I’m for immigation control and I’m right up for British jobs for British workers/citizens,black,brown.white or yellow.The LabLibCon trick EU Islam Party is more of the same and worse,our rights,culture,traditions,way of life and identity are disappearing like Mr & Mrs Snowman and like Mr & Mrs Snowman when they’re gone we’ll never get them back.
    Jobs are important but its about more than that.


  15. You are, therefore, anti-yourself, too.


  16. Posted by ders on February 9, 2009 at 10:13 am

    I’m anti ignoring the elephant in the room and putting head in the sand, unlike yourself.


  17. I cannot see from what I’ve said that I use to put my head in the sand. Most elephants are usually friendlier than the party you support, I wouldn’t for a second like to be in the same room as one of its moguls.

    But, if it weren’t because it would cause much damage to Britain and the world I’d wish you’d get yourself what you are after. Experience is the mother of wisdom


  18. Posted by ders on February 9, 2009 at 11:20 am

    It was not the BNP that started the illegal wars that are getting our soldiers slaughtered.
    It was not the BNP that stole the pension funds of millions of our elderly.
    It was not the BNP that sold of our Utility Companies to overseas buyers who now exploit us.
    It was not the BNP that betrayed the True British People by swamping Our Country with colonisers.
    It was not the BNP that sold our gold for peanuts to Europe.
    It was not the BNP that gave away our fishing fleets.
    It was not the BNP that allowed the banker to rip us off for billions.
    It was not the BNP that destroyed our educations system.
    It was not the BNP that destroyed our manufacturing base.
    It was not, not, not the BNP that created the mess we are now in.


  19. Posted by ders on February 9, 2009 at 11:24 am

    You have no idea what I experienced in life fella so cut that crap out.


  20. I see from your bad manners that I have involuntarily upset you. I apologise and following your orders I’ll cut this whole crap out right now.

    Bye, bye…


  21. Posted by ders on February 9, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Don’t play the victim Jose and I’m not upset, you have no reason to apologise. I don’t believe my manners were bad, Jose,the white working class Brits are getting a raw deal here,and keeping quiet and putting up with this shit is not an option,voting for the 3 mainstream parties would be like a turkey voting for Christmas,the Unions are all EU Marxists, internationalists with greedy hypocrit leaders and people are now waking up to the fact they haven’t got the British workers interests at heart, 2 legs good 4 legs bad. We now have another floating hotel for foreign workers in Kent.


  22. I’ve never and will never play victim for anything. Being 75 and having gone through a civil war, a world war and numberless little wars around the world. Having started to work when I was 13 and going through work for 47 years, going past two marital separations and being now fully satisfied with what I have, four children and 5 grandchildren, does not seem to be a background for feeling a victim, no thanks.

    ders, I said what I said in my previous posts because I think you are being misled by circumstances. It is human and I cannot go against it. Everybody speaks as he is entitled to in given circumstances, but I am rather inclined to think that the problem in Britain is quite different. I am inclined to think that – and this may match some of the points of the string you give of problems the BNP has not been involved in – what is affecting Britain now is negligence regarding the welfare of its citizens. And this negligence has been accomplished by – as you rightly say – the political system that has been ruling the UK for centuries.

    If you read carefully what you have said in this thread you may see there are contradictions, implicit and tacit, in your posts. I believe firmly that this has been due to the circumstances you are going through now. You cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel and that frustrates deeply, the more so if you have a family behind you.

    But the solution – and this is my firm belief, too – does not lie on exchanging Peter for Paul. The solution is in changing wholly and deeply the present system of parties.

    To achieve that lies on a complete overhaul of the economic system, mind you, I am not saying politic system but economic system. In effect economics may change politics, but this will not be achieved by any particular party, this can only be achieved by those who have all their life been used to being maipulated: us, the people, the plain people. Where is the catalyser to get it?

    If you let me say it, the catalyser is around us just now.

    We, the people, can control those who have controlled us so far. We, the people, can change the world – as that popular song said, we are the world.

    Right, Left, Centre, Ultras (right or left), are just words to explain attitudes, but the reality of it all lies on pragmatism.

    And pragmatism is where good education, good food, good dresses, good customs, are.

    I have many more ideas in my mind, but thinking you are an intelligent person (don’t know whether man or woman) I leave it to you to develop yours.


  23. Posted by ders on February 9, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    Sorry about the victim remark Jose,I’m talking to a Gentelman not one of the lads,I read you wrong.
    I don’t feel a person can be misled by circumstances,only led and they must act if they are not happy.Its easy to stand outside the boxing ring and say he should have done this or that but its different in the ring getting punched in the head,there are truths inside and outside the ring. I know the 3 mainstream parties will never change their agenda,the leaders and some of the front benchers along with bankers,Kissinger,Rockefeller,etc attend the Bilderberg meetings and they’re not playing scrabble,so Peter and Paul need changing.They are all NWO puppets and pushers.All part of and controllers of the corrupt economic system.At the moment the only way to fight these internationalists,Globalists is to vote for the thing they hate, a Nationalist Party,you should take a look at the BNP website, Its one step at a time and you’ll have to wait for people to catch up.
    I think the contadiction you mentioned may be where I say about the white working class getting a raw deal and work for all colours of citizen,2 words-positive discriminaton,raw deal.


  24. Sorry not to have replied so far, Ders, but I was waiting to see if anybody else joined in the discussion.

    I cannot say anything else that I have not already said, only that perhaps hate is the humanity’s worst enemy. Choosing a party because it is hated may bring awful consequences, perhaps the best way would be to create a new party altogether and start a new version of honest politics, something that was lost in the air long ago.

    That would take time, indeed, but all beginnings have always been arduous when the end is particularly important.

    I am convinced that in the present circumstances a new party would have a striking success.


  25. An excellent discussion guys. Cheers.

    Apologies, I haven’t been able to keep up and don’t have time now to address all the issues raised except to say that I firmly believe Ders is right not to trust the three main parties (and the bankers) but I also believe strongly that the BNP is not the answer.

    I also agree with Jose in that perhaps a new party is needed, a party that would seriously challenge the corruption of the current politicians and the widespread inequalities and injustices . . . on all sides.

    That or we need a massive people revolution!


  26. Posted by ders on February 11, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    I’ve taken the first step,lol. Any size person can do it, not just the massive ones.


  27. Brilliant Ders.

    Let’s all get mad! Mad as hell!!

    I’m a human being goddammit!!



  28. Being human is something many forget nowadays. There are people who believe themselves quite divine.

    Feet to floor, guys.


  29. Posted by ders on February 12, 2009 at 11:58 am

    We’re all still in Plato’s cave and truth is only opinion. Red White and Blue peace.


  30. Truth is only opinion? Yes, quite.

    One other thing that occurs to me is that hundreds of thousands get to squeeze into the now working political parties and have a candidate of their own appointed.

    Just imagine. How would that make you feel?


  31. Posted by ders on February 12, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    I don’t think the political parties are working,if they are its against everything I hold dear,especially the self appointed Gormless Clown and the lets ban it Zanu-Liebour party,lackeys to the EUSSR.


  32. Posted by ders on February 12, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    Dear Britain: Get Stuffed. Sincerely, New Labour
    John Morton
    Feb 2nd 2009

    To: The Rt Hon. Peter Mandelson esq;

    As if we weren’t already going out of our minds in fits of rage at the rampant incompetence, gutter rutting corruption, untrammeled arrogance and utterly diabolic parody of a “government” that currently squats atop this nation like a gigantic dose of piles – the sweating, blubbering, puss filled monstrosity takes a few moments pause from chewing the corpse of Great Britain to open its blood filled mouth and tell us what it really thinks of British workers and the general public.

    Apparently, in Marxist/Fabian UK, striking pre-emptively in defence of your economic wellbeing at a time of extreme distress and fear for the future of your family, now qualifies one as a “racist,” an “extremist,” or, worst of all, a dreaded PROTECTIONIST.

    In these statements we can clearly sense the abject fear of the serial peeping tom who got caught, yet again, climbing through the window of the girls dormitory, pants around ankles, in a most unseemly and compromising position. Well far be it from us to paint such an unflattering picture of our wonderful “public servants”, after all, they do have our best interests at heart, do they not Mr Mandelson?

    Clearly not content simply destroying our currency, armed forces, international reputation, political system and constitution, the laughing hyenas have now taken off those – ever so temporary – woolen jackets and shown themselves to be the fascist Eurocrat wolves that they truly are.

    But seriously Mr Mandelson, did it not occur to you that the violent death of the entire system of economics (that you seem intent to defend to the last) is common knowledge now to the “man in the street,” even perhaps the poor sod who has to pluck the remnants of the foie gras and smoked salmon from your new ermine trimmed coat. Perhaps he might give you a lesson in “Buy British” one fine morning while you are busy warming up for another hard day of pontificating for the cameras and making a damn fool of yourself, again …

    But anyway, I shouldn’t worry yourself unduly Mr M, there will be plenty of room in that “free trade” coffin for the mass hordes of other “has been” politicians and pundits the world over before we are finally through with this sorry chapter in the history of human folly and hubris.

    Surely, any silly idea that the extreme weather would be a good time to stick the boot into British workers seems to have backfired spectacularly, does it not, or is it after all just another part of your grand master plan to bring the country to it’s knees in time for EUROPOL to come and help restore order?

    And so, in concluding Mr Mandelson, given that your track record in government is not exactly one which could honestly be described as a testament to a honed ability in handling political crises of ones own making, I have a not so friendly word of advice for you Sir:

    You should resign your position in the Lords immediately and without further delay, before the braying mob that you youself have just enraged to the point of violence, pulls you screeching from the building and hurls you into the nearby frozen waters clothed in nothing more than a frilly pink nightie.

    In truth, while such an amusing spectacle would afford the vast majority of honest people in this long suffering country a much needed break from the daily misery that you and your henchmen have wrought on us, we prefer to settle these matters peacefully, and without need for any further unnecessary distress on either side of this rapidly escalating crisis.

    Do it. Do it now. Get ye gone Sir!


    The UK Column


  33. Mandelson a “refished” asset for Labour does, really, no credit to the UK.


  34. Posted by ders on February 13, 2009 at 9:51 am

    Mandy Antoinette, really does no credit to the human race.


  35. Yes, Ders, I agree.


  36. Posted by ders on February 14, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    We still have Gord and Dave………….


  37. Don’t get me started on Mandelson – please. I won’t stop.

    He is as creepy as the rest of them and twice as slimy.


  38. I’ve just found a speech by former British Trades Union Congress (TUC)’ John Monks, now heading the European Trade Union Confederation, which gives the views this important figure of the European Union labour work holds regarding globalisation.

    I believe it fits what we have been debating here:

    Good reading.


  39. I meant to write” …European Union labour world (not work) holds regarding globalisation.”



  40. Posted by ders on February 20, 2009 at 12:55 am

    He started off well,but we don’t need the EU, we need the EU destroyed.


  41. Well, Ders. I don’t want the destruction of anything or anybody, everybody and everything including evil has their place in this world. All of them are points of reference.

    If Britain decided to isolate herself again by an ample majority of British people, I wouldn’t have anything to oppose it.

    A free decision by a free majority is one of the best ways to rule a country.


  42. Posted by ders on February 20, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Jose, you are right, everthing including evil has their place in this world, one mans meat is another mans poison. All of them points of reference? Yes, I like that.
    A level playing field for the politics in this country, for ALL Parties is what I would like to see, then a decision by a free majority would be a free decision.


  43. And a great participation by the people. Who would dare to complain afterwards?


  44. Posted by ders on February 20, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    Anyone who had something to lose. Round and round.


  45. You’re right, Ders. There’ll always be someone to protest.


  46. Posted by ders on February 22, 2009 at 9:57 am

    Some people will always eat there egg from the wrong end, I don’t think Jonathan Swift would find things too different in many ways. I can see a change happening in this country, there have been some good results for the BNP just lately, but June will tell. The mainstream Parties have got their knickers in a twist at the moment, its good to watch, the dirty tricks,back peddling and running round like headless chickens,its funny, they are so out of touch with us racist nasty working (or not working) class Brits,its like watching a monkey trying to put up a deckchair, I think the glue of political correctness on the house of cards is starting to fail and people will not listen to bullshit anymore. Anyway, time will tell.


  47. Thank you for the link, Ders. It’s very, very interesting.


  48. Posted by ders on February 23, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    You’re welcome. He’s a good man,a brave man.


  49. Posted by ders on February 28, 2009 at 4:03 pm A CASE FOR TREASON.


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