Lordy me!

I’ve heard it all now.

At a time when the recession is biting hard, it must be nice to be in such a position that you can afford to literally throw energy away, mustn’t it.  Yes folks, people are being laid off everywhere, our energy bills are through the roof and many people can only just afford to have their heating on for one measly hour.  Yet this blogger, in response to the protests at Aberdeen airport this week, is promising to turn his central heating on full blast for a whopping twenty-four hours, no matter what the temperature is outside, every time the Plane Stupid activists make a protest against aviation expansion.  And not only that, he wants everybody else to make the same absurd pledge too.

Well excuse me in advance but what an utter twit.

Like the right-wing media, the politicians and the airline industry itself, this blogger is using the emotive and dishonest argument that the campaign against unsustainable aviation is an attack on the working classes . .  that it’s hurting them the most.  So, clearly he supports working class rights. Jolly decent of him. I wonder if he’ll support the next baggage-handlers strike when their industrial action causes flight disruptions.  And I wonder if he’ll come out in solidarity towards all those having to live beside these busy and ever-growing airports by moving next to an airport himself.

The argument is that cheap flights provide the opportunity for working class families to go abroad for their hols.   But it does make one wonder, as George Monbiot recently asked in his excellent article titled Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – why do cheap flights companies like Ryanair target the middle classes in their ads?  Why would they place over 50% of their adverts in The Daily Telegraph rather than The Sun?   Monbiot did the research and it appears that the working classes are not the primary users of cheap flights.  To paraphrase Monbiot . . . the poor don’t fly less than the rich because they can’t afford the tickets, they fly less than the rich because they can’t afford the second homes in Tuscany, the ski-ing holidays at Klosters or the scuba diving in the Bahamas.

Another thing he points out in his article – is it the rich who live by the power stations?  No,  it ‘s working class communities that are built around them.  It’s the poorer members of society who can’t afford to move away from dirty factories, busy motorways and polluting power stations.  The point being that it’s the poor who are affected the most by climate change so the campaign against it simply cannot be described as an attack on the working classes and the claims of any such class warfare are desperately ludicrous to say the least.

To sum up, anyone who argues that the campaign against aviation expansion is some kind of attack on the working classes must be under the puddled illusion that all the airlines flying around the globe are filled with working class passengers.

And anyone who believes that airport expansion is being carried out for the benefit of the working classes must be almightily obtuse.


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