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Me and my middlie have entered the Race For Life.  It’s an annual event which takes place in parks across the country raising funds for Cancer Research.  It’s a ‘females only’ race but husbands, fathers, brothers, sons etc. are encouraged to come along and support their womenfolk in their activity.  And they usually do. I’ve taken part in this event twice and each time it’s been a phenomenal and uplifting event and the support from the men has been amazingly inspiring.

Most of us who take part run in memory of a loved who we’ve lost to cancer.  We wear a ‘back sign’ upon which we write the names of our loved ones as we dedicate the race to them. It’s very moving to read all the messages written on the back signs of the women running alongside each other. I ran for my father who died of lung cancer and I will be running for him again this year.

Although the women are doing the physical work, it’s a family affair and the men who come along are brilliant.  They couldn’t be more supportive.  They stand along the race route urging all their female relatives on.  Some of them even run alongside in solidarity and encouragement and are there at the end shouting, cheering and clapping as all the women and girls cross the finish line.  It’s an extremely emotional experience that reduces me to tears just by writing about it here.

I’m posting this now to coincide with tomorrow’s International women’s Day, a celebration of the social, economic and political acheivements made by women over the last century. I did question myself as to how relevant the Race for Life is to IWD because cancer research shouldn’t be political and it certainly shouldn’t depend on economics.  And the event itself doesn’t even take place until June.  But still, reading about the IWD today prompted me into entering the Race for Life.  And of course, it is a form of solidarity between women whose fund raising achievements from the event are not at all irrelevant.

So, if you know someone who is taking part in the Race for Life, please sponsor them.  It needn’t be a huge amount and let’s face it, who doesn’t know someone who has been touched by cancer?

And here’s to good and decent women everywhere . . . not just the well-known ones but all the many unrecognised heroines who work quietly and courageously in ways we are often unaware of and don’t always appreciate.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Go for it Val … across that finish line. I’ll look out for people running dowm my way.

    Good to see you online again.


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