Catching up slowly

My right hand is temporarily out of action and I’m off work for a few days.  I’m stuck indoors because I can’t drive and the weather is too awful to contemplate walking very far.  I’m also not allowed to do any ironing or vacuuming for six months . . .  sigh, ok  – 48 hours, so I guess now is the ideal time to wake up this blog.  But it’s labouriously frustrating trying to type with one hand.  And have you ever tried using the mouse with your left hand when you are not actually left-handed?  It’s bloody mad folks!   The cursor thingy gains a mind of it’s own and refuses to go where I try to put it.  And because the forefinger does most of the clicking, I keep right-clicking so of course,  those pop-up task boxes keep appearing.  Very frustrating to say the least.  As for C&P’ing, that’s turning out to be another mammoth task.  This left/right-handed business is all very confusing to my underworked brain.

But such is my sacrificial courage, I will crack on.

It will take me some time to sweep away all the tumbleweed so bear with me.


2 responses to this post.

  1. EP, Sorry to hear about your troubles. If it’s any help, you can configure the mouse in control panel so the right and left click buttons are reversed.


  2. Ah, thanks Pete. I didn’t know you could do that. It’s much easier now.

    It will totally confuse my kids when they come on to use it.

    Good to hear from you btw.


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