We know what he wouldn’t do! (Updated as promised)

It’s no secret that the Christian right have been warping the message of Jesus to justify their compassionately-challenged views of the world for many years.  Well there’s a rumour going round that the BNP is now seeking to exploit the good name of Jesus in order to promote their own ideology.  According to an (unfounded) email, circulated (allegedly) by Nick Griffin with the intention of testing the water, he bangs on about being persecuted and excluded and about the demonisation of social groups (I know!). He also (again allegedly) provides a preview of a European election campaign poster which asks . . . what would Jesus do?  the obvious implication being that Jesus would have opposed those evil forriners too.

Hell, they’ll be telling us next that Gandhi would have supported torture in Guantanamo.

Well anyway, I can’t find any evidence that the email or the campaign poster is genuine (and I’ll update as and when) but since the question has been raised (even if it was only to discredit the BNP which really isn’t necessary because they’re doing just fine on their own), I decided to ponder over said Big Question and  throw about some analytical theological philosophical random thoughts of my own.

Basically, none of us can really speak for a guy who lived over two thousand years ago but given the many teachings pertaining to his good self that are widely available, I reckon it’s pretty safe to say that Jesus would reject the bigotry and the prejudice of the BNP.  I mean you don’t need to look far to find a parable or a quote that challenges almost everything they stand for and I doubt that even Nick Griffin would be arrogant enough or stupid enough to expect us to believe that Jesus would support them.

When it comes to indecency and bad taste, it would be hard to sink any lower than the BNP when they used the London bombings for their propaganda . . . and in terms of huge political gaffe’s, their Polish Spitfire advert remains unbeatable.  But any attempts to spin the words of Jesus into some kind of endorsement of such hateful and totally unworkable policies would be a desperate and humongous step closer towards the land of political obscurity and irrelevance.  Here’s hoping that the rumours are true then.

Whoever you believe Jesus was, whether you believe he was divine, historical or a totally fictional character dreamed up for propaganda purposes, one thing that we can all be sure he wouldn’t do is vote for the BNP.  He’d probably forgive them but he definitely wouldn’t endorse them.

“Would you like to see Britannia rule again my friend?  All you have to do is follow the worms”. Pink Floyd.

Update: Well it seems that they have enrolled Jesus as their poster boy.  The BBC has an article up about it. Very ridiculous indeed.  Dearie me boys and girls of the BNP.  Haven’t you read the oft-quoted Sermon on the Mount – the world-renowned outdoor lesson written and narrated by the man himself – Jesus?  You must know it.  It’s the one that’s all about equal rights and social justice for all and is admired and applied by the worlds best scholars, theologians, philosophers and spiritual leaders alike.  No?  You can’t recall it?  Well what about the parable of the Good Samaritan?  Surely you remember that one.  It’s one of the first things we get taught in primary school RE.   Come on now, everyone knows that one.  Back to RE class methinks for a little recap.


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  1. the whole God premise confuses most..I don’t think God signed up for any of this.


  2. Posted by ders on April 1, 2009 at 5:18 am

    Global warming and Jesus, its all about faith not fact.


  3. Posted by ders on April 1, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Manchester’s Bishop “Haw Haw” McCullough is a Traitor to His Country and People, Says BNP Church Spokesman
    March 30, 2009 by BNP News
    Filed under National News
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    The Bishop of Manchester, Nigel McCulloch, is a traitor to his country and his people, and should be more concerned with why his churches are empty and being converted into mosques rather than attacking the British National Party, said that party’s official spokesman on church matters, the Reverend Robert West (picture).

    “The gospels record that Judas betrayed his master with a kiss, a great but false profession of love,” said Reverend West, who was ordained to the gospel ministry and inducted to a church pastorate in 1979 before going on to an impressive career lecturing in law and history at several Universities and Colleges in eastern England.

    Reacting to an attack on the BNP by the bishop and his singing up to a Communist Party front organisation dedicated to third party interference in elections, Reverend West said “Treachery is the worst of sins for it is a hideous breach of trust with one’s own. The Bishop of Manchester is happy to betray his country and his countrymen, as well as his Church and its gospel, in order to gain the approval of those who never asked the British people if they would like the divide-and-rule society of many cultures, races, faiths, and tongues imposed cheek-by-jowl upon them.

    “Not content with such an abhorrent approach, the Revd Nigel McCulloch – amidst falling congregations, the scandal of gross immorality in his own Church’s ministry, and the promotion of perversion and corruption in the city of Manchester – has sought to offload his own failings on the only party that offers common sense policies and hope to the British people.

    “Whilst every other party panders to a mass invasion of our shores, and gives in wholesale to the coming tyranny of Islam and the EU, Bishop McCulloch seeks to condemn the BNP, and by implication the British people, for just being normal and wanting to save what they have and what is good,” Rev West said.

    “We are bound to ask the question: ‘In whose pay and in whose service is this Bishop Haw-Haw? Certainly not the service of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has ordained that each nation, including our own, has been made by God (Psalm 86:9) and is to have its own country where its own values and interests may properly have priority (Genesis 10:5). If the Bishop finds the existence of countries ‘racist’ – and that is the implication of his anti-Christian views – he has no business living in ours or drawing the emoluments of his sacred office.”

    “Moreover, the Bishop is wrong with his claims about extremism. If the Bishop wants to see extremists pulling down British identity, Britain’s traditions and mores, and our Christian religion he need only look to himself and his own paymasters in the pact of deceit between Labour, the Lib-Dems and the Conservatives.

    “Ethnocide is where a person seeks the destruction of a people or a country and that is precisely what the Bishop is wantonly or wittingly doing. What sickens me in this consecrated Bishop is that he is betraying his people, his country, and our Christian gospel with a great profession of love; covering a vacuous mind, as much as it must hide a vaporous – and unearthly – hatred.”

    In other religious news, less than twenty percent of England’s 44 bishops want to celebrate St George’s Day. Several of the bishops are, in fact, hostile, claiming it could be “dangerous” and cause a backlash from “other religious groups.”

    * The Revd Robert West has combined his secular knowledge with the ordained ministry to produce a wealth of knowledge and experience which provides a timely corrective to the current political correctness now engulfing the other main parties and their equally wayward followers amongst the leaders of some of the ‘mainline’ churches. He joined the British National Party in 2007, frustrated with the treason and insanity he faced in Tory Central Office and shortly thereafter established the Christian Council of Britain to combat political correctness and extreme Mohammedanism in the religious, political and cultural sphere. He is currently the BNP’s lead Euro candidate in the East Midlands region.


  4. Global warming and Jesus, its all about faith not fact.

    Hi Ders,

    You’re right about Jesus. But global warming isn’t all about faith. It does have some substantial scientific evidence to support it, including an overwhelming consensus from the science community.


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