God I’m angry!

There can’t be many people who aren’t angry about the circumstances surrounding the death of Ian Tomlinson but I am getting more and more pissed off by the stupid comments people are making about it.  Stupid comments on blogs claiming that the “lefties” are celebrating his death as some kind of victorious confirmation of their political views.  Jeez, this is not a left and right issue.  This is about right and wrong for god’s sake.  But what’s worse is that some people are actually defending the police.  The video evidence surely makes it totally impossible to justify what the uniformed thug did to this poor guy.  You’d think.  But yes, amazingly, some people are actually defending the police.

Whether the police aggression contributed to his heart attack or not . . . whether Ian Tomlinson was actually a demonstrator being obstructive or just a passer-by trying to get home, the act was, in itself, wrong.  Stand alone, plain and simple, wrong.  That is unquestionable no matter which way you lean politically.

It opens a wider debate and the wonderful Ecomonkey writes an excellent article entitled Our Right to Change on her blog.  It’s well worth reading.

My heart goes out to Ian Tomlinson and his family.  The thought of them having to see their dad/husband being violently hit and then pushed to the ground, just minutes before he died, by the very people who are paid to serve and protect, is heartbreaking and very wrong.  I hope to goodness they get justice for him.

And the worrying thing is, what the police thug did to Ian Tomlinson is not the worst thing they’d done that day, nor indeed in previous demo’s.


4 responses to this post.

  1. The day has arrived when decent, honest citizens cannot walk about the streets from or to their errands, because there is always someone who lurks and whom the police’s duty is to detain, but, alas!, can we no longer trust that people whose duty is to defend the decent, honest citizen from wrongdoers?

    A reflection tells me that nowadays it seems we can trust nobody, not our neighbours, not our politicians, not our Judges and not even our police.

    The world is really going down a loathsome sink.


  2. Jose, it’s really quite scary. I fear for my kids.


  3. Posted by ders on April 14, 2009 at 9:41 am

    Agree 100%


  4. Cheers Ders. Hope you are well dearie.


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