Another Petition

Gordon Brown thinks that if Tony Blair becomes the permanent EU President, Britain will be able to play a major role in the New World Order.

You know, when I hear those words ‘New World Order’ I always think – religious cult.  I once read some literature about a NWO and it was all about bible prophecies and grim warnings and the Second Coming of Christ blah, blah.  And so when Tony Blair – warstarter, torturer, catholic convert and founder of the humble Tony Blair Faith Foundation, utters the words ‘New World Order’ in terms of . . . well, in terms of himself, I can’t help getting rather nervous.

But Tony Blair huh, he just won’t go away will he.  Is it just me or does he really see himself as a Saviour of the world type . . . a grand messianic figurehead for the world to idolise and adore. He recently said that nerry a day goes by that he doesn’t think about the aftermath of the Iraq war. Well it’s a bit late to develop a conscience but actually, he hasn’t grown a conscience because he goes on to imply that it was the right thing to do and the alternative was worse.

But what about that Iraq war?  He has blatant grand plans to become a global figurehead in spite of his still bloodied hands.  One of the key roles of the EU Presidency will be forming relationship with the rest of the world. Now we all know that the then Prime Minister Blair was very sucky-uppy towards America and we all watched how the other European leaders sniggered and chortled at his neediness towards Bush but I imagine the dynamics will be a bit different now that there is a potentially half-decent President in office.  We’ll see.  The complicated area is the Middle East.  That’s the crucial thing and let’s face it, Blair didn’t achieve much as Middle East Peace envoy did he so it’s unthinkable that he could build bridges with the Middle East when no-one has forgotten his involvement with the Iraq war or his role as Bush’s puppet . . . and how the War of the Killer B’s destabilised the entire region.

But not just that, as the petition states, Blair has broken major International laws.  How can he even pretend that he would uphold and nurture a European ethos and constitution when he has violated so many of their laws already?

Thanks to Anticant who brought the petition to our attention – and in his wonderfully apt words . . .

Please read the petition and if you agree with it sign it yourself and urge your friends to do so. We must all do our utmost to defeat the vainglorious ambitions of this disastrously self-deluded man, who has already done enormous damage to our country, to Western civilisation, and to the world.

Read and sign the petition here.  As Anticant says, it’s very well argued.


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