Of Pizza’s and Forgetfulness

Some sagely advise:

Upon completion of creating a lovely, large cheesy pizza, and leaving the room to do other jobs while said lovely large, cheesy pizza bubbles and melts to perfection in oven, it helps to actually put said lovely large cheesy pizza in the oven and not leave it sat on the side looking lovely and large and cheesy . . . and totally unmelted.

Furthermore, when lovely, large cheesy pizza does finally reach oven it helps to have the oven switched on.

Finally, when said oven has reached correct temperature and lovely, large cheesy pizza is finally doing what it should in hot oven, do not, I repeat – DO NOT go away and forget about said lovely, large cheesy pizza because it is sure to turn into a not-so-lovely, shrunken, hard frisbee.

Here endeth today’s Easter lesson.


3 responses to this post.

  1. The same applies to toasts, purées, everything having to go through burning processes. LOL.


  2. That does seem like a long list of pizza-related errors, EP – I think you need a lie down. Burning a pizza is a serious issue.


  3. Jose, I burn a lot of stuff. It’s a failing of mine.

    Zhisou, I do need to lie down. I feel faint. 😉


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