Petition Time

The trouble-makers are out in force again. Dressed in black, their faces partly obscured, some of them appear to be interested only in violent confrontation. It’s almost as if they are deliberately raising the temperature, pushing and pushing until a fight kicks off. But this isn’t some disorganised rabble: these people were bussed in and are plainly acting in concert. There’s another dead giveaway. They are all wearing the same slogan: Police. George Monbiot.

In response to the recent policing of public protests, Avaaz have an emergency petition running urging our government to address the policing policies of peaceful protests.

I know petitions aren’t always effective but go on, sign it anyway.  It can’t hurt.

Ian Tomlinson wasn’t the only person to have been injured by police tactics at the G20 protests and the same can be said at other peaceful demo’s. You have to wonder, how many incidents like this happened that weren’t caught on camera?  Read this disturbing account. We must demand police accountability because if we don’t, the government sure as hell won’t.

The head of the Met, David Hartshorn, has predicted a Summer of Rage this year and no doubt his hysteria-inducing language will wind some people up.  Think about it.  The riot police, in all their protective gear, with their shields, their batons, their truncheons, their pepper sprays, their dogs, their horses . . . psyched up for a violent exchange against a peaceful but growing-angry crowd whose rights to protest peacefully are being thwarted by aggressive and often dangerous policing tactics.  Who’s provoking who?

Be careful what you wish for Mr Hartshorn.


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