I Spy . . . a communication plan

Nipping onto the internet for a quick look-around never works. I always end up overstaying.  I’m supposed to be getting stuff ready for the rugby tour but this little item has really got my blood on the boil and again, I just have to cough it out, then I’ll be off to pack up.  Really I will.

Apparently, surveillance and infiltration methods provided the police with the information they needed to make the arrests of the 114 environmental campaigners – their justification being that there was a conspiracy to commit criminal damage.

Our information was that it wasn’t to be a lawful protest. This was to be a criminal act against a power station.

Quick question – how can PC Brute beat up mouthy protesters if he arrests them before they’ve protested?

Anyway, no charges have been brought against any of the would-be protesters which implies to me that the whole raid was carried out simply to prevent the protest from going ahead and any claims that it was to prevent a crime from taking place was a smoke-screen.  I mean conspiracy is a crime so why no charges?

Clearly this tactic of making preemptive arrests will be a set precedent now that the police and the government have granted themselves full access to every aspect of our lives.  So what now for activists who wish to plan protests and keep out of range of the ever-expanding police radar?  How can our activists communicate with each other and plan their events when the technology they’ve been using is so easily intercepted?

Well they’re going to have to get clever and inventive in order to outwit PC Snoop and Jacqui Spy.

I played around with the idea of carrier pigeons but no, the police will simply arrest the birds, beat them up and then interrogate them daily using the highly acclaimed and oh-so-humane Guantanamo techniques.  Then they will detain them for a while before releasing them without charge.  That or they will throw them into a pan of stew which will then be fed to the other detainees such as the eighteen ducks who raided a pond in Liverpool and conspired to quack non-stop for forty-eight hours in protest of the soaring costs of bread.

So our activists need to go back to the days before the technological revolution changed everything.

Going back a very long time, there was the tried and trusted Paleolithic method of drawing pictures and symbols . . . they could revisit their ancestral roots and try leaving drawings on cave walls.  There aren’t many conveniently placed caves around but there’s plenty of concrete that they could etch messages into.  Maybe they could enrol the brilliant and elusive Banksy into their campaign.  I mean he has ample undercover experience – the police have never been able to catch him mid-grafitti-ising unsuspecting walls.

Or what about getting tribal?  Beating drums or lighting fires and sending smoke signals was a very useful form of communication in its time.  Hell, the pope still uses smoke signals to announce his state of popeness.  No, they’d be arrested on suspicion of lighting fires with intent to erm . . . keep warm, which is an arrestable offense nowadays – if the police want it to be.

More recently, that Telegraph machine thingy.  Some clever bloke invented the Morse code which apparently saved lives and confused the enemy in wartime.  Maybe the activists could invent their own eco-code, a really cryptic one that would be impossible for the police to de-code.  It wouldn’t have to be that complicated.  The collective IQ of the entire police force can’t be much higher than 86.  Ooohh, I’m sooooo going to be arrested on charges of conspiring to conspire against the police.

In all seriousness folks, this is a serious issue.  I don’t believe this country is a police state but we should really be heeding the warning signs that are telling us it’s fast becoming one.  Be very careful because it will sneak in through the apathy door and before we know it, our liberties will have become nothing but nostalgic memories of days-gone-by.  Don’t sleep through the wake-up calls.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Gordon Brown is a police state all of his own, even the Tories know that with the first MP ever arrested in history, carried out by this government. Brown is going down!


  2. I did hear the term the police use for penning in protestors but it was such a strange term I can’t remember it! I have to agree with the police that it is good that they don’t use water cannon but as to rubber bullets (!) …. of course they shouldn’t be bloody well considering using those. Idiots!


  3. Yes, that was my point Matty. It’s as if they expect us to be grateful that they don’t use that kind of stuff.

    Not sure what the official word for this type of containment is. Are you thinking of kettling?


  4. Blair, along with Bush and others of lesser importance, unchained what was called preemption war against Iraq’s WMDs.

    Today the mere indication that there may be something of any kind against the establishment seems to be enough for the Forces of Order to act on preemption.

    Thank whoever they do not shoot at random at the crowds on the excuse of preemptive safeguard of the State.


  5. Absolutely Jose. Bush’s preemption policy has opened the door wide open. It’s not just preemptively shooting at crowds now. They preemptively arrest people for even thinking about protesting. They’ve spun it to mean prevention but it’s nothing less than a violation of our right to peacefully protest.


  6. Yes ‘kettling’. Where do they get these strange terms from?


  7. Yes, Matt, in this case this term seems homely enough.


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