Rugby Tour Memoirs – with pictures

A wonderful time was had by all.  Our Under 9’s team did us proud.  We had to play the Under 10’s for some games because the U9’s opposing teams dropped out after the first day and although we didn’t manage to beat them, our boys played with courage and passion and they lost with dignity and their heads held high. The boys were great both on the pitch and off.

Oh, and a quick mum boast – my son won the Player of the Tournjosh-trophy-1ament award, voted for by the parents.  It was a very close decision because there were some stunning performances from the other players and we were really rather chuffed that they chose to give it to our laddie in the end.  He deserved it.  He played his heart out.

We all got together for a BBQ on Saturday but when our collective volume started to increase and the curtains of the surrounding caravans began to twitch, we decided it was time to move on so we all took ourselves off to the family bar for some frivolous frivolity.  And as you might imagine, some of the dads had some heavy heads at the games the next morning.

Scarborough itself is really rather a lovely place.  I’d never been until now and we stayed right at the top of the caravan site near the cliffs.  Given the fact I can’t climb more than two rungs of a ladder without breaking into a prickly sweat and my legs turning to quivering jelly, I managed to gingerly take a quick look over the cliff edge. And it was worth the sweat.  I took some pictures too. Nerves of steel, me.


I dangled over the edge for this one, without ropes or harnesses.  It was proper scary but you know . . . sometimes, we artists must take courageous risks for the sake of our art.

Watch the birdie:



Animals love me!  Look how close he let me get.  What do you mean – zoom lens??


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