Life is Beautiful Mr Griffin. Live with it.

The lovable leader of the BNP has worked hard in recent years to clean up the image of his party. He has tried to distance himself from his past involvement with fascism and presents himself these days as a respectable and compassionate politician whose only concern is the British people.

He’s recently been seen sieg heiling, erm, I mean high-fiving with his old neo-nazi buddies in America but you know our Nicky, bless him, he tells us he’s not really a hardline Nazi.  To paraphrase his spokesperson, . . . just because they shared a platform with those people, doesn’t mean they share their values.  No folks, the BNP is arguing for a sensible nationalism.

So what colour does the BNP brand of sensible come in then?  Methinks it’s only available in white.

So anyway, all this thought of fascism made me think – Life is Beautiful.  The Italian film – Life is Beautiful.  That would be a suitable antidote to the  poisonous activities of the BNP.  So I found the DVD, popped it into the player and watched it with me laddie .  And ooh, did we cry. It’s a truly beautiful and heartwarming film that haunted me for ages after I watched it. It certainly reaffirmed my thoughts on racial hatred, holocaust denial and the BNP.

And it got me thinking about that Griffin-boy and his Euro-election dreams.  He’s contending the North West seat and is being helped by his buddies in the white-supremacy club.  Unison tells me it won’t be that difficult for the BNP to get their desired and much-longed-for seat in Europe.  What with the recession and hardship and all, I think we can safely predict that the mainstream parties will be punished by the voters.  And we all know that the BNP won’t miss the opportunity to feed off this disillusionment.  And because of the PR system, I believe they only need around 8% of the vote to win.  Folks, that’s a scary thought. For the love of humanity, the last thing Europe needs is another fascist politician involved in the governing of the EU.  And the last thing Britain needs is an elated Nick Griffin with a large budget and a mandate to hate.

The Euro-elections might seem irrelevant to us but if you don’t want a divisive extremist  party to gain power in Europe, however minimal that power might be, don’t stay at home on election day.  Make a pledge with Unison to vote against the BNP on June the 4th.  They are saying, vote anybody but the BNP.

I’m saying, do better than that.  Vote Green.  In a grouped and mutual effort to combat the BNP candidacy, Respect has chosen not to stand for election.  Believing that Respect and Green party votes can do more combined, they are asking instead for their supporters to vote for the Green party.

T’is a good plan folks.

Peter Cranie: Green party MEP Candidate.


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  2. Posted by ders on May 12, 2009 at 9:42 am

    Democracy is beautiful.Live with it. Hello EP, not long now, I think the BNP will do well and the mainstream 3in1 party are doing all the work for all the smaller parties,time will tell.


  3. Hi Ders, hope you are well. 🙂

    Yes, you’re right. In a way, all that the fringe parties need to do is sit back and let the mainstreams continue to destroy themselves from within.

    If the BNP does well, it will be as a result of democracy in action – it will be because the people have decided and no-one can argue with that.

    You know I respect you Ders and welcome your views but I would just say to people thinking about voting BNP . . . be careful what you wish for . . . .


  4. Posted by ders on May 14, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    Hello Earthpal, I,m well,thank you for asking, I’ll be careful what I wish for….if you be careful what you ignore……..


  5. Posted by ders on May 16, 2009 at 11:02 am

    A nod and a wink, for a nod and a wink.


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