This is a Party Political Broadcast by the . . .

I remember Party Political Broadcasts as a child.  God, they were boring – excrutiatingly so.  Dull and stuffy grey men telling us to vote for their party because no matter how bad they are, the other party is much worse.  Whenever one came on, we would all groan in unison and pray that dad would switch channels.  But no, he would sit through the whole ten-million minutes, criticising every lie word.  Mum would wisely see it as her cue to get up and put the kettle on.

These days, although the message is still the same, the dull and stuffy grey has been replaced by slick spin but there’s something quite homely and comforting about those retro PPB throwbacks of the seventies and eighties so when I heard it suggested that the PPB should be turned off for good I was horrified.  They can’t do that!  No way.  If me and my generation had to tolerate dull and stuffy grey men,wearing equally dull and stuffy grey suits and speaking in even duller, stuffy grey language, then why should the current generation of kids be allowed to escape it?  If only to show them what not to turn in to.

Anyway, the Green Party has released it’s Euro-Election Broadcast and I have to say (and I can hear the cries of bias but I’m going to say it anyway), it is not stuffy, nor is it dull or grey.  Far from it.  It’s green.  Lovely, compassionate green.

Seriously folks, it’s a very good, very clever video.  Clever but unobtrusive.  Just an inspiring and engaging broadcast that is in-touch and unpretentious.  Cool music too.  But crucially, they’ve got the message right.

We all know that the mainstreams can offer us nothing but more of the same.  They’ll all apologise and promise to do better but the rot is irreparable.  They won’t change!!  They never do.  Vote Green on June the 4th.  This is a PR election so every – vote – counts!!

“You might think you know us.  Think again!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. GREEN is the BEST!


  2. Absolutely! 🙂


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