A bit more on PPB’s

I watched the BNP Euro-election broadcast just now thanks (grrr) to Jim Jay.  Not the kind of thing you want to see just before bedtime.  It had a sinister, under-worldly feel to it it and I felt kind of spooked.  But of course that was just me.  In reality, it was not that bad. Rather amateurish but not as awful as most decent-minded people would want it to be. I was amused when Nick Griffin began his political message by rather desperately appealing that we . . . don’t turn it off.  I felt sorry for him so I didn’t.  And as amateurish as it was, it was not altogether that bad.

But, fear not decent folks, because I can reliably inform you that they did lie in their broadcast. Yes, Nick Griffin stated that they . . . are decent people.

Humongous big fat lie! Poof! Credibility evaporated.


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  1. Sorry!

    I thought the female councillor in particular was v. scary!


  2. Yes, she sent some shivers down my spine.


  3. Posted by ders on May 17, 2009 at 11:39 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQLpG5b18pk&feature=related Does this send shivers down your spine, or should we just ignore it?


  4. It’s just a bunch of hormonal teenagers acting big. They’ll grow out of it. There are members of the BNP who would do much worse than burn an Islamic flag if they could get away with it. There’s hatred and extremism in all ideologies.

    That’s not to say that that the radicalisation of young muslims is not a worrying phenomenon because it is. British/US foreign policy, along with torture, has done more to radicalise them than Bin Laden ever did.


  5. Hi Ders, yes that’s a nasty and evil list of atrocities.

    Western culture has it’s timeline of atrocities too. Britain bears a nasty and evil history, both against its own people who refused to convert to Anglicanism and on foreign people who refused to convert (Crusades etc.). Britain also, more recently, bears a nasty list of dead innocent people who were in the way of their wars abroad.

    Western culture even now has its cruel and evil element.

    Men still dominate, rape and abuse women in our culture. Gangs in Western cultures carry out horrific murders all the time. Teenage kids kill each other. Youngsters kick other people to death simply for being different. Children are abused and murdered by people they are supposed to trust. On it goes.

    Ders, honestly, I’m not denying or downplaying the bad things about Islam, particularly the oppression of females. Islam desperately needs its reformation. But a forced reformation at gun-point is never going to be successful. And in any case, more to the point, the BNP in this country will not stop all those bad things from happening in other countries . . and it will never, ever help Islam to reform.

    There are a number of policy reasons not to vote BNP, the main one being their repatriation plans – they are just not viable, on so many levels.

    The BNP will divide this country, totally.


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