On Bishop Rowan’s Remarks

The bish thinks the systematic humiliation of MP’s is threatening democracy.

Well I’m not sure how it’s threatening democracy but methinks it’s the MP’s who have been humiliating us.  Anyway, I always thought that these religious leader types liked to see humility among men.  Indeed they positively encourage it so shouldn’t the bish be asking for the MP’s to show some humility instead of arrogance?  I guess humility is only good for the little people.

Top and bottom is, the MP’s have humiliated themselves.  And their tedious “no rules were broken” responses are insulting.  The bankers said the same and on it goes. Sigh.

For me though, the whole thing is becoming a real turn-off.  Ok, the levels at which MP indecency and greed has occurred has been a shock to us all.  The disillusionment will be hard to shift and I firmly stand by everything I’ve said so far on the subject but we can send our final message of disgust to our MP’s at the voting stations.  It needs mentioning (and don’t think for one minute that I’m undermining the importance of it, because I’m not) that not all our MP’s were tempted to go down Greed Street and we should bear that in mind when we collectively judge Westminster.  Absolutely, those who have abused the system should be called to account – I certainly think that not enough MP’s have lost their jobs over this.  And sure, politicians should learn from it, the reforms need to be applied and the investigations of fraud need to continue etc… but  it’s frustrating to see the media milking the issue and being driven by it for reasons not so much in the public interest as for their own circulation agenda.  Look at how the Telegraph has been dripping the info out bit by bit in order to get more mileage.  It is absolutely in the public interest to know the full facts but I just hate it that fat cats like Barclay Brothers and Rupert Murdoch, who frequently exploit and encourage these things and love to whip up the public mood, are getting fatter from it.

I’ll also risk some wrath (well it’s not really a risk because nobody reads this crap anymore) by saying that it would a worthwhile exercise in our own humility(not religion’s humility project but our own) if we tried to acknowledge our own oft readiness to take the unethical route in so many areas of our lives.  I know that’s preachy but it’s true, we can’t deny it.

And on that note, you’ll be glad to know that I’m dedicating most of my blogging time on pushing for the Greens in the Euro-elections.


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  1. We have a saying here: to great ills, greatest remedies.

    The lost of trust the Parliament has achieved because of the wrongdoings of some will only have – NOW – the solution of general elections.

    Not let time go by until everything is forgotten. Now is when the British must show their approval or disapproval.

    Either by government’s convocation or people rising their voices to the effect.

    Excellent post, Earthpal.


  2. Thanks Jose. Hope you are well.

    Yes, the loss of trust is the greatest obstacle. It’s going to take a long time and much humility. But some of our MP’s are too arrogant to show any degree of humility or shame.


  3. Thank you for your interest, Earthpal. Yes I am alright. Thank you again.


  4. You’re welcome kind sir.
    I suspect you’re the only ‘real’ person left who reads this blog and for that I am lovingly grateful. 🙂


  5. Posted by ders on May 26, 2009 at 1:16 am

    I’m real,just see some things different to you.


  6. Ders, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. By ‘real’ I meant ‘not spam’. I was trying to say that most of my ‘hits’ these days seem to come from random searches and spammers (advertisement robots).

    I’m glad you still visit this blog. Your views are always welcome. Dialogue is good as they say. 🙂


  7. Come on, ders, you know Earthpal and her splendid disposition to listen and her ultra-polite way of dealing with issues which in other blogs are dealt with in rather offensive manners.

    I also like reading your comments, although most of the time my opinion does not coincide with yours.


  8. Thanks for the support Jose. x


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