Hypocritical Silencing

It’s all getting a bit tangly and spider-webby isn’t it.

The blog of Tory MP, Nadine Dorries has apparently been shut down by the legal powers of the Barclay Brothers.  The Barclay Brothers being the owners of the Telegraph.  The Telegraph being the exposer of much indecent MP activity.  The indecent MP activity being too damn many to mention.

I never thought I’d find myself supporting Nadine and I might well find myself regretting it but my first instinct is to come out against the censorship of her blog.

To give you an idea of the kind of politician Nadine is, she’s been compared more than once to the delightfully dreadful Sarah Pain.

Numptie Nadine has come out with some pretty dumb stuff in her time.  She actually thinks that Trident isn’t a weapon of mass destruction.  Honest!  She said so on Question Time a few weeks ago.  She’s also a rabid anti-abortionist and a right-wing religious nut with totally out-of-touch views on sex-education and science.

And she became rather neurotic and shriekish over the expenses controversy.  She said some over-the-top and cringingely ill-thought-out things on her blog pertaining to said expenses mess.  She also suggested that it was all a conspiracy by the aforementioned Telegraph and its utterly unlikeable owners, The Barclay Boys which in my view isn’t as loony as it might seem but who would dare say that? A quick google of the Boys showed up some pretty nasty stunts they’ve pulled before against people who have dared to disagree with them.  I’d certainly like to know why they thought it safer to silence her than challenge what she said.

Anyway, apparently, the legal powers on the payroll of said BB’s have shut down her blog.  This is grossly hypocritical censorship.  The Boys clearly only believe in freedom of speech for their own news rag but have no problem silencing those who disagree with them.

I think this is a sinister move.  Of course, I can’t resist mentioning that Nadine herself, selectively lacked respect for freedom of speech by tampering with some of the comments she received on her blog, but it was her blog I guess hence her prerogative.  Her defensive refusal to acknowledge what is clearly a mass lack of political morality was frustrating and cowardly but it’s certainly not right that powerful people can come along and shut down other people’s blog simply because they’ve made some suggestive comments about them.  It’s another example of the elite grossly abusing their positions of power.

As Craig Murray said on his blog, the irony is that she was nicely digging her own grave.  This will make her look better.

Like I said, it’s all getting a bit tangly and spider-webby isn’t it.


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