On civil liberties and lack thereof

Well folks, it’s a bank holiday today and lordy me, if that’s not the sun shining out there!

Anyhoo, just couple of quickies before I head off out into the blazing sunshine with my kids and my sunglasses:

George Monbiot has written an article which is quite possibly one of his best yet.  Just have a read and then tell me you aren’t scared.  I bloody well am:  The Barbarians at the Gate

Another not altogether unrelated article is a letter written for yesterdays Observer regarding electoral reform.  I wholeheartedly agree with it:  Parliament in crisis: When will MP’s start to listen to the people?

Ta ta for now.  Have a good day.


One response to this post.

  1. If their attempts at trying to change the electoral laws aren’t successful, perhaps another option would be to massively penetrate the parties and change them from the inside.

    Spending money is the only handicap, but we should remember that those activists who started all this, also lost their time and their money for the sake of their and future generations.


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