Euro-voting: the Greens and the BNP

On my way through the barrier at work, two guys were handing out Hope Not Hate newspapers as part of the worthy campaign to keep the BNP out.  I took a wild guess that they were Unison reps on account of the Unison Rep badges they were wearing.  Jolly decent blokes they were.  And dedicated too because it was lashing it down (in case you don’t know, lashing it down is a local phrase which describes very hard rainfall).  T’was extremely windy too.  Anyhoo, I’m coming to my point.  Later, I was sat with some old colleagues who I’d trained with years ago and had moved on to other hospitals.  In conversation, I asked them if they had been given one of the said HNH papers.  They had.  And one of them proclaimed loftily that she’d refused to take it.  I asked her, in a nonchalant way, why and she proceeded, rather passionately, to reveal her growing affinity with the BNP.   Words like bloody Poles and ragheads were used.  And the over-done . . .  if they don’t like it they can fucking piss off back to where they came from . . . was used, twice I think.  I’d heard it all before in a kind of passing conversation context but this time, things being as they currently are with me, ie, hyper-sensitive and all, I just had to ask her how on Earth they could possibly piss off back to where they came from if they were born here. Folks, I don’t do confrontation.  I really don’t. At least not with people outside my comfort zone.  So for timid me to boldly ask this question to a person who I remembered more than anything for her big mouth and hard fiery temper is really something to be impressed by.  I’m brave really, me.

Well anyway, I got away with it lightly.  Secret phew!  She disregarded my question but went on to rhyme off a few myths – you know – how we’re not allowed to fly the flag anymore and we can’t celebrate St. Georges Day and how nativity displays are banned etc.  Blah, yawn, blah.

I backed off.  I know.  I should have had the courage of my convictions but there are times when you just know it’s bloody pointless and trust me, this was one of those times.  For some people, racism is a DNA thing.

So anyway, the elections, the mainstream parties are frantically treading water at the moment and the disillusioned working classes are bitter.  Hell, everyone’s bitter.  But the BNP is not the answer – with every bone in my body I could not be any surer.

The BNP seek to exploit people’s fears.  They feed off the highly emotive issues of immigration and asylum.  They may have engineered a more acceptable political face but does anyone really believe that a party whose ethos is based on bigotry and hatred has been ethically-cleansed?  Does anyone accept that Nick Griffin, the Jew-hating, Muslim-despising, gay-bashing, convicted racist thug who said that non-whites have no place in Britain has been born-again and is now a beacon for fairness and social justice?

The BNP, in spite of claims to the contrary, are a single-issue party.  It’s often misconstrued that the Green party is also a single-issue party but they’re far from it.  Green politics are much more than the environment and climate change.  You can read their election manifesto here but to name but a few, they are about equality, compassion and social justice . . . and crucially about getting us on track with the planet.  That’s why I firmly believe that a green vote makes sense, with or without the over-estimated threat of the BNP.

In case you’re interested, and you should be, Green party leader, Caroline Lucas has just been rated best British MEP on transparency, accountability, democracy and waste by campaign group Open Europe.  And Britain’s Green Party MEPs were ranked above the groups of all other British parties.

Seriously folks, if we wake up on June the 5th to find that Nick Griffin is an MEP and the good and decent likes of Jean Lambert and Peter Cranie aren’t, I will be seriously angry.  So will you guys.  Seriously.  Do think about it.  Really do.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Oh flip, I just remembered – I don’t do confrontation.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ders on May 28, 2009 at 12:22 am

    I think you,ll be seriously angry on June 5th EP.


  2. LOL, ders, perhaps a bright idea occurs to you and you decide to change.

    You have never had an ultra-right government in Britain in modern times, if you had had you would do as in Spain where the Ultra-Right doesn’t have real options.

    Although I am convinced Right, Left, Centre have ceased to exist. It is the level of pragmatism that should condition elections. Which is one of the “brilliant” achievements of Capitalism.


  3. Posted by ders on May 28, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    Hello Jose, you’re right we have never had an ultra-right government in modern times…… they’ve been very,very wrong for years ;).


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