Gone Camping!

The people at the Met office have informed me that it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend and on the strength of that, we are dusting off our backpacks and walking boots, throwing our camping gear and mountain bikes in/on the car and we are off.  Destination – Lake District.  So I will catch up with the blog when I get back but in the meantime folksies, look here – another known name has been enlightened by the Green party.  Yay!  Keep ’em coming folks.  All are welcome.   And did you know that a YouGov poll published today suggests the British public trusts Green politicians far more than those of other parties. So, what’s to dither over?  Just vote for them on June the 4th.


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  1. […] Gone Camping! « Earthpal May 29th, 2009 at 5:32 […]


  2. That news is excellent, I mean that regarding the Greens, because the other one – going on camping – is tops.

    Enjoy the good weather, Earthpal together with your family.

    All the best.


  3. Thanks Jose. You’re a love. T’was a lovely, lovely weekend.

    And the Greens are doing very well. I’m optimistic about it.


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