This Thursday

65 years ago this week a generation risked everything to defeat fascism. Now it’s our turn. They risked their lives.  All we have to do is vote on Thursday 4 June.

Hope Not Hate


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  1. Posted by David Patterson on June 3, 2009 at 5:22 am

    Could not find any contact info on the website BUT wanted to let you know that your Schmooze award graphic is not showing – has nothing there. Now, on to the main reason I am contacting you.

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    1. Link to the their website (or a product page) with text only in the right or left navigation of your blog for a 1 time payment.
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    Let me know what other options are available with you. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    David Patterson


  2. I think I know who I’m voting for this time, though I was dead impressed that the Socialists sent me their propaganda in English. I still won’t vote for them though.


  3. I’m really quite excited about these elections Zeddie. Not least because I think the greens stand a very good chance of getting another MEP.

    Happy voting day. I think I will declare tomorrow to be a public holiday. Oh, I can’t. I’m not the Queen. Damn my parents for not being royal.


  4. If you were the Queen EP, you wouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway. Then again, you wouldn’t much care, you’d be at the races winning money you don’t need.


  5. Yes, on ladies day. With my Big hat and stilettos getting stuck in the grass.

    More likely I’d be there on my soap-box holding a placard saying Down with Royalty and Horse-racing is Cruel. Hehe.


  6. If you were ER instead of EP you’d have to toe the line – none of the environmental politics business.


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