When is a protest vote not a protest vote?

Just to squeeze a ner, ner in, Observer readers have voted Green party leader, Caroline Lucas, as ethical politician of the year and this is another confirmation that green is the way to go . . . that is, if you want social justice, equality, tolerance, progression and a healthy planet.  You do want that don’t you?

Well done to Caroline.  She deserves it.

Moving on to the title story, this is how I see it, the thing about the MP’s expenses circus is that disillusioned mainstream voters who are looking to punish the main three have actually been checking out the policies and manifestos of the fringe parties and it would seem, as I’ve found on my recent doorstep discussions, that this has been an enlightening experience for many.

You see, before, they just couldn’t be bothered with the smaller parties.  Most people are usually too busy and too caught up with their own lives to find the time to read through the tedious pages of policies and pledges of every political party that exists and then compare them.  They’re happy to stick with their safe mainstream vote (or their abstention) and they have no desire to seek out the loony policies of gimmicky fringe parties and no-hopers.

But as we know, politics is a bit crazy at the moment.  I mean people actually want to vote this time.  They really do.  They want to etch that angry X onto the ballot paper with gritted teeth and a very sharp pen, probably wishing it was being etched onto the face of a dozen or so currently self serving MP’s.  But the dilemma is that they can’t vote mainstream this time.  They just can’t.  And because their apathy has been devoured by their anger, instead of being lazy and assuming that the Greens have no policies that are not climate-related , they are doing the research and they are finding the real greens.  And they are liking it.  Ergo dear folks, their protest vote becomes a conviction vote.

The same goes for the BNP too  Many people are daring to delve deeper.  And that can only be a good thing because they’re discovering all the underground hatred.

I am optimistic.


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  1. Hey great blog! I would like to touch base with you about your blog. Please contact me directly at chris@greenpress.com

    Look forward to hearing from you.



  2. When abstention is high in elections, normally the Right and Ultra-Right parties grow in parliaments, thanks to the absurd electoral system almost all countries have.

    So we must not forget our “duty” to vote if we want to protest afterwards.

    And as Earthpal says if we vote Green it will eventually be to our benefit.

    That should be our punishment to our traditional party.


  3. Posted by ders on June 4, 2009 at 9:47 am

    Tolerance: Tolerance is usually just a call for people — usually whites — to capitulate to minority race-hustlers’ demands — usually outrageous, and thus intolerable. The only hatred i see is from the left, hatred of this country and people.


  4. Ders,

    I cannot understand how a person like you seem to be has those generalised ideas about the people of your country.

    Tolerance is something that starts with our education and is usually towards our next of kin, our friends, our neighbours no matter which race we are. It happens in all the world’s continents and countries.

    Intolerance is hatred towards all the above.


  5. Posted by ders on June 6, 2009 at 8:53 am

  6. Posted by ders on June 6, 2009 at 9:18 am

  7. Looks like Gordon Brown survived due to James Purnell’s clumsiness. Pity. Too late for anyone else now. Looks like we’re heading for the Tories again – disaster!

    Let’s hope we get PR out of it to break the old Labour-Tory stranglehold.


  8. First video isn’t working but I guess it’s about the extremism. Of course this is worrying and needs dealing with. Neither of the videos answer the question of deporting people of colour who were born here just because they are non-whites.

    It’s just more myths about asylum-seekers and benefits. It’s utter rubbish! Lies and propaganda. Asylum seekers are forbidden from working until their application is settled one way or another. They get minimum benefits and basic accommodation on a no choice basis. What do you want us to do? Make them sleep on the streets? It’s the xenophobes who are demanding that we know their whereabouts.

    You should read some of the horror stories about asylum seekers and what they’ve endured. Many of them are refused asylum and are sent back . . . to face great dangers.

    Have you no heart for them? This country is more than able to look after genuine asylum-seekers and take care of its own people. Poverty among white Brits is just as shameful and governments need to stop spending money on illegal wars and Tridents and whatnot instead of seeing to the needs of the people.

    But those who believe that if all the immigrants and refugees were sent back, all the poverty and social-ills would be cured, they are deluded.


  9. Zeddie, I hope so too. If it brings electoral reform then it won’t be all bad.

    The Tories will fight against PR because they’ve benefited from it. And I don’t trust Cameron when he says he will consider scrapping the power of the PM to call an election at will. The Tories will make noises about electoral reform (Blair did pre-1997) but when they get in, it will all be brushed aside.


  10. You’re right EP, you need someone to win by FPTP before anyone can reform anything. The only thing we can hope for is a series of hung parliaments or a Labour victory (in seats) but wildly against the popular vote – which is possible.

    Ideal scenario – they change leaders to Alan Johnson, win the election but come a long way second on the popular vote so are forced to introduce widespread electoral reform and constitutional change.

    In doing so, Johnson becomes wildly popular and is hugely successful, the Lib Dems get braver and stop trying to be something they’re not and the Greens get some MPs, pushing the environment back on the grown-up agenda.

    The Tories keep losing and are forced to reform to become a genuinely interesting and radical pro-business party.

    More likely the Tories will best a broken Brown and we’ll be back to square one.


  11. Posted by ders on June 6, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Chill EP, it’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek, 🙂


  12. Sorry ders, I am such an uptight cow at times. Lol.

    Zhisou, excellent scenario. We can hope. Sigh.


  13. Hi ders,

    Sorry, my spam filter seems to be overacting and chucking all comments in the bin.

    I will read and respond later. Off to get me laddie from school now.


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