Euro-election results

Haven’t got much to write about it right now except to say, the Greens put up a commendable and impressive campaign and increased their share of the votes so that’s cause for praise and much optimism.  Well done Greens!

Let’s remember that less people voted fo the BNP than they did last time round.  It’s little comfort I know because Gruesome Griffin now has a seat in Europe as does his Gauleiter, Andres Brons who was once convicted for calling an ethnic police officer an inferior being some years ago.  Oh was a long time ago but it reveals a belief in white supremacy.

And now we have Melanie raving Phillpots ranting on about how the people felt disenchanted and oppressed and so it’s understandable that they would turn to an extreme political party.  Funny how she didn’t use that rule when the Palestinians voted for Hamas.  According to her warped viewpoint, the Pals deserved collective punishment because they are a terrorist state that voted for Hamas.

She rightly blames the government for failing to listen and deal with the immigration problem but she doesn’t look at her own Islamophobic propaganda that she’s bashed out of her column on an almost daily basis in order to brainwash all the very brainwashable Mail and Spectator readers.

Ho hum.


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  1. The results were terrible for all the main parties – especially Labour obviously, but the Tory vote was far from convincing. Of course you have to win in Westminster not Strasbourg, but all the same, a Tory party government-in-waiting should be punching a bit harder than that.

    The great news is that it seems to be opening up questions of wholesale constitutional and electoral reform. It’s a real shame how Labour botched the House of Lords and shied away from any substantial interesting reforms.


  2. Yes, that the far-righters haven’t got more support is encouraging. Seems people aren’t so naive as we were led to believe.

    These bigots should learn once and for ever that the full humankind emerged out of Africans. That we so-called-whites are a degeneration of that blob that was created billions of years ago, that if we look up to the sky we may understand that we are nothing but a barely visible dot inside the vastness of the universe. Concretely: nothing.

    And yes, Zhisou, effective corrections should arise from all this catastrophe. We should demand an overhaul of the system.


  3. Zhisou, good analysis-lite.

    I shake my head in bewilderment at all the wasted opportunities of this government.

    Jose, yes, that explains how totally unworkable the BNP policies are.


  4. It seems increasingly unlikely that any substantial constitutional reform will really be delivered – more Brown talk, usual Brown (lack of) delivery.

    The Tories, the next government sadly, will not deliver either, they seem to think it’s un-British to have an electoral system that tries to represent the people.


  5. I agree Zeddie.

    We had ’97 pre-election electoral reform pledges from Blair’s team. They were so committed back then. In power, nothing happened. All his cabinet members turned against any reforms. The only senior MP who supported it was Robin Cook, bless him. We lost a gem there I think.

    And Brown is pretty useless all round.

    The Tories benefit from the current system so it’s not likely to change any time soon . . . or later.

    Nothing really changes.


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