The Police State: it’s on its way

Just watch this video.  I don’t know about you folks but I am very disturbed by the footage.  It actually brought tears to my eyes and sickened me.  It’s not the most violent incident of police brutality (seen or unseen) but the implications regarding human rights, the rights to peaceful protest, police unaccountability, police powers and just plain and simple downright disproportionate police action are glaringly obvious.

The video was filmed at Kingsnorth climate camp last year, somewhat ironically by the police surveillance unit.  Two women from the camp who were there representing Fit Watch asked police officers for their ID numbers (because, tut sigh, those dipsy cops forgot to put them on again) and were consequently arrested.  Why the hell did they feel the need to apprehend them in such a dramatic way?  Why the hell did they feel the need to arrest them at all?  That’s the scary thing!  It certainly wasn’t in the public’s interest.  The women did nothing wrong.  They were actually remanded in a women’s prison for four days and later released without charge.  Without charge folks!  In prison for four days then released without charge.  Hear that.  It can happen to anyone of us.

As George Monbiot aptly put it in this article, the police are turning activism into a crime.  And when that happens we should be very, very concerned.

Anyway, watch our for a Panorama documentary to be shown soon on the BBC regarding the policing of the G20 and Kingsnorth climate camp.

Oh and a huge Bravo!  to those two sassy women, Val Swain and Emily Apple, who dared to challenge unidentifiable officers, a brave and risky thing to do these days.

All this pain is so I don’t hurt myself then is it? Val Swain in mid-arrest


2 responses to this post.

  1. Where are those English bobbies who gently took protesters in their arms and withdrew them from the way?

    I am afraid the example is spreading everywhere.


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