Earth Song

I’m really sad.  He was an unmistakably talented singer/songwriter and his dancing and choreography skills were phenomenally fantastic.

I often felt sorry for the guy.  Without question, he was a strange man.  Denied a childhood in his childhood, paradoxically, he didn’t seem to know how to be an adult.  And because of his odd looks which we know were transformed by countless hours of surgery, he was publicly hounded and humiliated without rest. I hope I’m wrong but I suspect he died a lonely man.

(It won’t be long before the inevitable joke text messages start circulating.  Who thinks them up so quickly?)

Anyway, forget the controversy and the allegations because he was cleared of everything.  Remember the creativity and the unique talent.  And the humanitarian.

Sleep peacefully Michael Jackson.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Indeed, Earthpal. He was unique and I believe it was that uniqueness that made people attack him. As you know unfortunately envy is free.


  2. Posted by ders on June 30, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Unique like Gary Glitter,


  3. Unfortunately, Ders, I didn’t know him, but apparently he also was celebrated in Britain. In the 70s.


  4. Ders, Gary Glitter was convicted. Michael Jackson was cleared of all charges. It’s not that hard to imagine a couple of greedy parents deciding to try and make a quick million dollars or so by strongly encouraging their kids to lie about stuff. It’s been well documented that both families had little credibility. Evan Chandler, the father of Jordan – one of the boys who accused MJ, was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, “If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…Michael’s career will be over


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