Work for Nothing!

800 British Airways workers have agreed to work for nothing after BA boss Willie Walsh appealed to all 40,000 workers.  In a desperate effort to save their jobs and the company (no doubt after receiving veiled threats and much corporate propaganda), workers have conceded and will either work for nothing for a month, take unpaid leave or work part-time.

Am I the only one who’s disgustedly appalled at this crappery? Jeez!!  I’m spitting bile.  I wanted to make this a sarcastic and jokey rant but there’s just nothing funny about it.

So Walsh is going to “feel the pain” too by refusing a month’s pay.  Well that’s mighty magnanimous of him seeing as one month’s pay for him is a whopping £61,000 – which is also three times as much as the workers earn in a year.  That’s not to mention his bonuses!  Instead of asking workers to work for nothing, he should be giving up six months pay!  Gasp!  Big shock I know.  These heroic corporate men need to be paid obscene amounts you know, because they keep the world turning and the whole of humanity will collapse and die if they earn less than five figures a month!!  Fact is, if all his highly paid boardroom colleagues each agreed to give up six months pay rather than just one, it will hardly touch them and there may be less need for the front line workers to give up a full month’s pay.  I mean let’s face it, those workers will feel the pinch of an unpaid month much, much more than the boardroom staff will.

It’s just so bloody typical of the corporate elite to place the burden of the economic mess on the working class.  Clearly, there’s going to be no sharing the burden across the classes.  There’s just going to be workers making all the sacrifices and losing the most.  And what the heck are the unions doing in all this?  Why aren’t they protecting the workers and negotiating fair deals that won’t stitch up the worker every time?  I’m not, for one minute saying that in times of recession, ordinary employees should be exempt from cutbacks but for goodness sake, let’s have it a bit more equal than this.

Lordy, get me a cup of chamomile tea.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, why doesn’t everybody in the Media shout their protest at those moguls swallowing so much money?

    How many work posts would Baron Rothschild save? Or Rupert Murdoch? Or Queen Elisabeth and her kin? Or King Juan Carlos and his kin? Or you name them?

    Justice? What’s Justice?


  2. Frustratingly annoying isn’t it Jose.


  3. It is, Earthpal. It is.


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