A few newsy observations I feel compelled to jot down:

Firstly, according to my sources, the adorable librarian-sexy Sarah Palin has announced that she is resigning as governor of the State of Alaska and she (surprise, surprise) is refusing to answer questions.  It’s being speculated that she intends to focus on the 2012 presidential elections.  Lord luv a duck!  President Palin!  That would be a gross violation of global justice wouldn’t it.

Well anyway, I have to say that the hasty nature of her resignation, along with her refusal to take questions, gives room for some wildly speculative speculations.  Indeed I’m not the first to speculate but methinks peut-être, that she has done some major misdeeding of scandalous proportions and it’s all going to come out in the final spin cycle. Ooh, I hope so.  Maybe she’s been spotted going deep into the woods and dancing naked with a pack of wolves under a full red moon.  I feel a howl coming on.

Whatever, more crucially, I have to wonder . . . is the moose population safer now that she’s no longer in office or does her new status of joblessness mean that she has more blood time on her hands to hang out of helicopters and shoot at the unarmed and defenseless Alaskan wildlife?

Nextly, did you read about the woman who was accused of lying about her official place of residence in order to get her child in a good school?  Has anyone else compared this to the in-house, wink wink, second home flipping system that the MP’s have been gratuitously taking advantage of?  If it’s ok that Mrs Patel can potentially be prosecuted as she very nearly was, then why aren’t the flipping MP’s being awarded the same equalities of justice?

Oh, I can hear the cries!  If one insists on comparing the two, if we are to be indignant about the MP’s then we can be equally indignant about poor Mrs P but the huge difference is that Mrs Patel didn’t rob the tax-payers.  Rightly or wrongly, she simply partook of a teeny little game of deception for the sake of her kids education whereas the MP’s were grossly and humongously dishonest in order to gain more money at the expense of the tax-payer.

Did I just argue with myself there?

Anyway, the lesson to be learned from this is that no-one should have to lie or cheat or move house . . . or indeed feign a Damascus Road conversion in order to get their kids decent quality education.  All schools ideally should pass the decent, good-enough-for-my-kids standard.  I mean was that Parental Choice pledge just a load of crappery?  Postcode lottery folks?

And finally . . .

Lordy, I forgot the other thing.  It was something to do with Jarvis Cocker being absolutely rubbish on Question Time last night but I forgot what I was going to say about it.

Let me sleep on it.


7 responses to this post.

  1. What I am curious about Palin’s resignation is whether the Alaskans – and Americans – have sighed or gasped.


  2. I don’t think Palin will run now – there’s no need to step down a year early in 09 when she could just step aside gracefully in 2010. How could she argue she wouldn’t do the same as President? Just walk away when it got tough.


  3. You’re right, Earthpal. Too far ahead for both ends. I think this lady is rather erratic and perhaps is afraid of what’s coming upon her.

    Who knows if she has come to an agreement with whoever: she resigns and the delving into her life ends.?

    And everybody happy home.


  4. I wonder if Palin would have just walked away as VP had McCain won? Surely the spotlight would been a lot brighter then. I am pretty sure she’s decided against high office. I suspect she’ll write a book and become a conservative “personality”.


  5. Well she thinks she’d have more endurance in a running race against Obama if the race was long enough. She reckons she has more determination and endurance. She meant a real, actual, physical running race. Well obviously because clearly, her determination and endurance didn’t last very long in the political obligations and commitment to elected duties area, did it.


  6. Indeed it didn’t, Earthpal. In fact if she ever dares to stand up for nomination who will vote for her after what she has proved to behave?

    Well, George W. Bush showed to us that anything can happen.


  7. Precisely Jose. Clearly she has no sense of commitment and she can’t be trusted. But people have short memories.


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