Of honey and bees

I was glad to read that some MP’s are giving the worldwide vanishing honey bee problem some significant importance and are asking for more funding and research.  The extent and the cause of the declining bee colonies is unknown but what we do know is that without the bees, we will have no food.

The honeybee is the key to our existence. If there is no honeybee, there is no pollination; if there’s no pollination, there are no plants; if there are no plants, there is no food; if there’s no food, there’s no life. Satish Kumar

I see the bees buzzing, collecting a little nectar here and a little nectar there. Never too much. Never a flower has complained that a bee has taken too much nectar away. Nature in balance. But this balance is tipping. Human beings go to nature and take, take, take, until all natural resources are depleted. Honey bees never do that. If I can learn that lesson of frugality and simplicity, I will be learning the art of living. Satish Kumar


4 responses to this post.

  1. I firmly believe that the human hand has much to do with this. Genetically modified crops may be the reason for bees to reconsider their own existence. Man has changed the way crops grow and bees are more intelligent than man and have come to the conclusion they are being cheated. And apart from this the climactic conditions also must influence.

    I am writing absolutely in earnest, believe me.


  2. And it appears matters are being bettered for the concerned corporations.



  3. Jose, I’m with you 100%. It’s got everything to do with climate change and humans meddling with nature.

    Thanks for the link Jose. I can see at a glance that it’s not good bedtime reading. Lol. I will read it tomorrow.


  4. We need more beekeepers. Unfortunately there is very little money to be made in this field and very hard work accompanies it. Managed colonies, with special attention to disease resistance strains of bees, is the answer.


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