Tuna News

We are fishing our oceans to death and it’s no secret that the poor tuna is grimly close to extinction. The Bluefin tuna is in particularly deep trouble and it’s muchly due to the consumptive demands of excessive humans.  Thankfully, there seems to be a growing realisation of this from some food chains who have consequently taken tuna off their menu’s.  For instance, Pret a Manger has taken an ethical tuna turn after owners watched the new documentary entitled The End of the Line.

Campaigners are not suggesting that fishing should be stopped altogether or that fish shouldn’t be eaten.  They’re just asking for some responsible restraint and that’s fair enough.  Fishing has got to be sustainable and friendly towards marine eco-systems because the extinction of any species impacts us all.  What we can do as  consumers is ask before we buy – ask where the fish was sourced.  The Marine Conservation Society has a very helpful Good fish Guide which will help you buy with a good conscience.

And now it appears that our government is “taking up tuna’s cause”. Our leaders are joining up with France to lobby the rest of the world into a ban on the sale of bluefin tuna.  Japan is predicted to fight the ban at every turn and of course Japan has no conscience whatsoever when it comes to exploiting the oceans.  Anyway, the support of our government is a very good thing and to repeat the rather grim forewarning of President Sarkozy . . . Ours is the last generation with the ability to take action before it’s too late.

Sadly, it might already be too late.


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  1. I’m doing my part, never touch the foul smelling and tasting stuff!


  2. Good. 🙂


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